A New Inverter For Home

4 Inverters to Consider If You Need a New Inverter for Your Home

Buying an inverter is not easy. There are several factors that one needs to consider ranging from the inverter’s load bearing capacity (VA Rating) to features to battery capacity to the price of the inverter battery combo. Choosing the right brand is another important factor that one must keep in mind when looking for an inverter. If you too are planning to buy an inverter then here are some of our top inverter recommendations from Luminous India, one of the most trusted brands in the home power solutions space.

1. Eco Watt & Eco Watt Neo 850

Eco Watt & Eco Watt Neo 850

The Eco Watt Neo 850 is one of the most popular and affordable inverters. The inverter is priced at around ₹4,301.00. (Prices may vary. Please check the website for latest rates).It consumes less charge – and provides great power output. Designed with an advanced microprocessor and FSW transformer, this inverter ensures long-lasting performance.

Key features

  • The Eco Watt & Eco Watt 850 comes with a 3-stage smart charging feature. This allows safe and efficient charging. Thus, enhancing the shelf-life of the battery.
  • Manufactured with a fast-charging system, this inverter is ideal for places with long and frequent power cuts.
  • It supports all battery types – flat-plate battery, tubular battery, or GEL battery.

Important Specifications

  • Inverter Technology – Square Wave Inverter
  • VA Rating – 800 VA
  • Rated Power – 672 W

2. Zelio WiFi 1100

Zelio WiFi 1100

The Zelio WiFi 1100 is a smart inverter with an innovative design. It is manufactured with a 32-bit processor, which provides efficient charging. This also helps calculate the available backup power – and charging levels. It is an ideal option for areas with frequent power cuts. And all of this for a reasonable price of around ₹8,299.00 (Prices may vary. Please check the website for latest rates).

Key features

  • The Zelio WiFi 100 comes with special adaptive learning technology. This enables the appliance to efficiently calculate the charging time and power backup.
  • It comes with an easy bypass switch. This switch allows bypassing the UPS – and connecting the MAINS to the local grid. Thus, it provides a continuous flow of power – in case the UPS is faulty or removed.
  • The inverter comes with a WiFi-enabled feature. This allows the user to control the system with their smartphones or PC.
  • Depending upon your energy requirements, you can switch the inverter between ECO or UPS modes. When there is a low power demand, you can switch to the ECO mode and vice versa.

Important Specifications

  • Inverter Technology – Sine Wave Inverter
  • VA Rating – 900 VA
  • Rated Power – 756 W

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3. Shakti Charge+ 1150

Designed with an In-built Battery Gravity Builder, the Shakti Charge+ 1150 charges the battery with full current – even at a low voltage. Moreover, it comes with a high power charging circuitry. This helps charge batteries faster than normal UPS. These inverters are best suited for rural and semi-urban areas (with a low input voltage, voltage fluctuations, and 6-12 hours of power cut). The cost of the inverter is around ₹4,699.00.(Prices may vary. Please check the website for latest rates).

Shakti Charge+ 1150

Key features

  • The Shakti Charge+ 1150 inverter comes with a 3-mode battery charger. This provides optimal charging – even during low input voltage or voltage fluctuations.
  • It comes with a smart charging technology that helps charge the battery at a high speed – as compared to normal long backup UPS.
  • As per the connected battery capacity, this inverter delivers a dual charging current option.
  • It provides reverse battery polarity protection.
  • This inverter supports all battery types (flat-plate, tubular, and GEL).

Important Specifications

  • Inverter Technology – Square Wave Inverter
  • VA Rating – 900 VA

4. Home UPS 5.2 KVA Cruze

Home UPS 5.2 KVA Cruze

If you are looking for a powerful inverter that can run heavy appliances, the Home UPS 5.2 KVA Cruze will be an ideal option for you. Its pure sine wave output feature provides noiseless operation – with maximum safety. This inverter ensures an amazing power backup solution for offices and homes. What’s more, it is installation and maintenance-friendly. Being a high capacity inverter, the Home UPS 5.2 KVA Cruze inverter is priced comparatively higher as compared to other low load capacity inverters. Its price is around ₹37,092.00.(Prices may vary. Please check the website for latest rates).

Key features

  • The Home UPS 5.2 KVA Cruze is built with a special intuitive display. This helps the user understand the battery status, MAINS availability, and so on.
  • Designed with Adaptive Battery Charging Control technology (ABCC), this inverter ensures faster battery charging. It also enhances battery life by around 70 per cent.
  • This inverter provides optimal protection against reverse polarity, battery overcharge, short-circuit, deep discharge, et al.
  • It comes with an auto-overload handling capacity. Thus, you can run heavy appliances with ease.
  • It supports a wide range of batteries, such as tubular, flat-plate, and VRLA (SMF).

Important Specifications

  • Inverter Technology – Sine Wave Inverter
  • VA Rating – 5.2 KVA
  • Rated Power – 4420 W

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There’s More to Explore

Well, these were just some of the many inverters that Luminous India has to offer. If you want to check out their entire range of inverters then visit their website. Also, if you need help with choosing the right inverter for your home then you can use their Load Calculator that will suggest to you the right inverter based on your power consumption.

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