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Top 9 Outstanding Instagram Marketing Trends

Gone are the days when Instagram was only known to be a social platform. Instagram has evolved, and today it is among the leading economic engines for both small as well as big brands. We are witnessing Instagram transform itself from being a place where people will go for their own social life, to an e-commerce platform with much focus on influencer marketing. This post looks at the top 9 outstanding Instagram marketing trends that everyone should look out for.

1. Instagram will become a more powerful e-commerce platform

Instagram has moved from just a social media platform into a powerful e-commerce platform where followers are easily turned into customers. Studies have shown that a majority of Instagram users follow at least one business, and most of them will use the platform to discover products. After discovering, these users go ahead to make purchases from the sellers.

This is a clear manifestation of where Instagram is going, turning from a mere social media platform to a powerful sales machine. Instagram has made it ever better for sellers, both small and big, by optimizing the platform for e-commerce purposes.

2. Original and uniqueness of content will take center stage

It is clear that going forward; there will be a profound shift in visual content where a lot of significance will shift from curated content to more unique and original content and videos. In 2019, the “No-edit” edit seemed to be the trend of the year on Instagram, but it doesn’t seem to have a place in 2020. Posts with minimal edits that are original and unique will get more favor going forward. As a marketer, it is important to ensure that your posts are in their best so that you don’t have to come back and do more edits later.

3. The role of Instagram followers in marketing

If you think the role of Instagram followers will be less relevant, then you have to think again. Instagram followers play a critical role in Instagram marketing, and this is here to stay for as long as Instagram exists. This is because Instagram banks on the huge number of followers to facilitate anything, whether marketing, social interaction, etc. As an Instagram marketer, you need to ensure you get enough Instagram followers to boost the performance of your business. If you have very few Instagram followers, and you are not getting as many as you would like to boost your business, then buying them is the only way out. You can buy active Instagram followers from various genuine vendors online.

4. The use of hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags have played a vital role when it comes to Instagram publications, and it seems they are here to stay. Going forward, just as it has happened over the years, hashtags will continue to be vital for those marketers who want their posts to get maximum views. The good thing is that creating hashtags is not a tedious thing. You can create popular hashtags by using the free Instagram generator at Here, you will get popular hashtags for your posts in two simple clicks. Once you have identified your main hashtag, you can use this tool to create other similar and popular hashtags to drive your sales.

5. People are going to utilize IGTV more

The use of video on Instagram seems to be overtaking the format of the traditional images. People are now focusing more on video, and studies show that by the end of 2020, over 80% will be watching videos on Instagram as opposed to photos.

But that is not enough; people are choosing to watch videos in a certain way. The use of IGTV seems to be the most preferred way when it comes to watching these videos. The use of IGTV has tremendously grown since its launch in 2018.

6. The growing potential of influencer marketing

It will not come as a surprise to see more and more Instagram users ignoring the traditional brand advertising and instead focus more on what influencers have to say about a particular brand. This is because traditional advertising seems to be dull, and thus most users are no longer interested.

Going forward, it is highly likely that most Instagram users will be purchasing products based on influencers’ recommendations. This means that brand-influencer collaboration is likely to increase, as brands try to capitalize on this trend.

7. Number of customers will depend on engagements

Failure to engage your audience is going to come with a high cost, as the user’s interactions are going to have much importance going forward. To meet your social media marketing objectives, you must create time to engage your audience, and ensure they respond to your content.

8. Augmented reality

The explosion of augmented reality filters was one of the many bangs of 2019, and this will spill over to 2020. Since august of 2019, users have been granted access to the Spark AR program, which allows them to create AR effects for the audience. This program allows users to create filters to give their posts some fine edits, which improves the authenticity of their posts.

9. The evolution of TikTok

Well, many would wonder what does TiTok has to do with Instagram marketing trends. But in 2019, this app was among the most downloaded. This video-sharing app is very popular among teens as well as adults. A good marketer must know that this app will have a profound influence on the kind of content they create for their Instagram account.

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