Costs to consider before adopting a dog Costs to consider before adopting a dog

Have you been asking yourself how much it will cost you to adopt a dog? Well, there are a lot of expenses you are likely to meet way beyond the initial adoption fees. First, you have to ensure that you will always be there for your dog when it needs you the most. If your dog has severe joint pains, you might consider a dog brace vs. surgery and keep your pet healthy.

This article looks more into what you should consider most if you look forward to adopting a dog this year.

1. Initial adoption fees

The first thing to consider most when adopting a dog is whether you will meet the initial adoption fees. How much you pay for this will depend on where you reside. Are you adopting the dog through a private rescue organization or a city shelter?

The amount you pay may be low, relatively high to hundred dollars, or free. The cost will also depend on the dog’s breed, size, and age. Most shelters and rescue groups will charge high rates on adopting puppies, toy dogs, and purebred dogs.

2. Dog supplies 

It doesn’t end at the adoption stage; you also need to focus on the dog supplies to know how much it will cost. Find out the cost of supplies you will need for the dog right from the food, medication, toys, dog beds, ID tags, and sturdy leashes.

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3. Dog training 

Yes, dogs also go to school to become smart. When you adopt a dog, you also should factor in how much it will cost you to train it. Dog training should not be considered an optional expense when adopting a dog.

Most of the rescue organizations and shelters provide discounts on basic manners’ classes. This is a great place to start with dog training on a budget. Depending on where you live, it costs between $100 and $300 to train a dog. You can also take your dog for private training, but this will cost you more.

4. Dog sitting 

Yes, you can still adopt a dog even when working on a 9-5 routine. All you have to do is cater for dog sitting or dog walking. If you are busy during the day, chances are you will have to hire a dog sitter to take care of your pet.

Again how much you pay for a dog sitter will depend on where you live, but this will also add up.

5. Vet bills 

Your dog will get sick some days, and you need to ensure it sees a vet. When you adopt a puppy, you are most likely to make frequent visits to a vet until the dog is about 16 weeks old.

It means vet bills are an ongoing expense for an adopted dog. In the first year, you are likely to spend $1,000 on medication for your dog, depending on its size and specific needs.

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Final Thoughts 

How much it will cost to adopt a dog depends on many factors that have been highlighted here. In most cases, the adoption fees for a new dog will range from $50 to $250. However, that is not the only cost you can plan for since it takes a lot to keep a dog.

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