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Did you know that half of Americans don’t vote?

Many people simply can’t be bothered to vote. Others think that voting doesn’t really matter.

You might vote in presidential elections when you get the opportunity to determine the leader of the free world.

But, what about voting in local elections? This is when you decide who makes the decisions about your local community and state. 

If you’re wondering why you should vote, then you need to read below. Check out everything you need to know in the blog post below.

1. Every Vote Matters

You may think that your vote never changes anything. However, if everyone thought this way, then nobody would vote. 

Also, there are times when the election races are so close that every vote could make the difference. You never know when you could cast the deciding vote.

In 2008, the Alaskan congressional race saw a single vote from over 10,000 votes cast decide the outcome.

Back in 1974, two votes in New Hampshire were the decider out of over 100,000 casts in an election for Senate. 

You never know when this is going to happen to you. Imagine if this vote was your vote?

2. Don’t Let Down the Founding Fathers 

The founding fathers believed that the United States should be founded as a republic. But, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever.

If you don’t vote for your representative, then you should remember that you won’t be able to control who takes power.

Benjamin Franklin was asked, “what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” He responded with “a republic”, but asserted “if you can keep it!”

You should take your constitutional right to vote granted you by the founding fathers seriously. 

3. No Excuses to Say “I Don’t Know”

All the information about policies and candidates is at your fingertips. Now you can simply search online for everything you want to know.

If you want to know what your local representative thinks about climate change, then investigate it yourself.

Not sure what the candidates in your area want to do for schools locally, search it, and find out the answers.

You have the tools at your disposal to make sure you’re an informed voter who knows who to vote for in the upcoming local election.

4. You Pay Your Taxes

You probably remember the famous slogan “No taxation without representation is tyranny” from high school history.

This eventually led to the United States breaking free from the shackles of the British monarchy. 

However, it still holds true that nobody has the right to tax you unless they also represent your interests.

If you’re paying your taxes, you should get a say in how your money is spent. If you don’t vote, you give up your right to have your view taken into account.

5. People Have Fought for the Right to Vote

You should remember that the right to vote has always be given to you.

Many people have fought for the right to vote. In fact, in many countries around the world, democracy remains a dream.

It was not until 1920 that white women in the United States were granted the right to vote after hard-fought battles in court and on the streets.

Black men were given the vote in the 1870s, while black women had to wait until 1965 before suffrage was achieved. 

You should remember when you vote that you are partaking in something that many previous generations were not fortunate enough to experience.

6. Nobody Will Represent You 

Voter turnout among Americans under thirty years old is significantly lower compared with voters over the age of sixty.

This has significant consequences for how the government is run. How can you expect anyone to represent your interests if you don’t vote?

Elections are your opportunity to make your views heard. If you don’t say anything, don’t be surprised when your demographic isn’t represented.

Do you want to know more about who might represent you? Visit this website to discover more!

7. They Are Not All the Same

Did you know that around 70 percent of Americans think that the political system is rigged?

Many people say that politicians are all the same. However, this is simply untrue. There are numerous differences between the main political parties.

Even between candidates who both what is right for their community. You should ask yourself – who decides what is “right”?

You don’t have to do much research to discover that there is a wide range of opinions about everything from health to justice.

8. You Get a Free Sticker

When you vote in United States elections, you get a free sticker that says you voted. This is a great thing to wear on election day to encourage other people to vote.

This may be a silly reason to vote. But, if it helps to know that you’re going to get something in exchange for your vote, that’s fine!

Why You Should Vote?

If you’re thinking about whether you should vote in the upcoming local election or not, then you should make sure you vote.

There are so many reasons to vote for your local representative. This could include everything from to have your interests represented and to do your constitutional duty.

Next time you’re wondering if it is worthwhile going to your local voting station to cast a vote, you should seriously reconsider.

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