The Importance of Packaging: A Helpful Guide for Businesses

Do you want to know why it’s essential for your items to have good packaging?

Brand packaging or labels are powerful tools every marketer needs. Having a good label or packaging design is one of the things that drive customers to buy your products. Many packaging solutions, such as Zenpack, can state that smart packaging design can also introduce your brand to new customers.

Keep reading for our guide on the importance of packaging to learn more about the power of packaging. We will also talk about how you can create good packages for your business further below.

1. The Value of Packaging

Great packaging isn’t only about using color theory to attract sales. It’s about informing customers about product ingredients, protecting your products, and more. We’ll talk about these things in-depth below.

Packaging Protects Your Products

Protection is the most notable importance of packaging for your products. This is especially important if you create and/or sell vulnerable items. After all, the delivery period from you to your customer can be the most dangerous time for your product.

For example, you can’t sell cigarettes wrapped in plain paper. It risks destroying the product during transit or stocking. Instead, you want to use special cartons or boxes that reduce that risk.

Know that your packaging will depend on the product you’re selling. You can’t have reusable packaging for certain items. If you can get eco-friendly packaging for your products, it’ll be more preferable to customers.

Your packaging needs to protect the environment and your consumers, too.

Brand Recognition and Attracting Customers

What does your favorite brand have in its packaging that’s unique? Can you think of specific brands with recognizable brand packaging? What brands are most famous for their unique yet functional packaging?

If you’re a small business, you’ll need to take all the help you can get to promote your business. Make your brand recognizable by creating one-of-a-kind product packaging. Unique packaging does a lot to help your customers decide to buy from your brand.

A unique and fun brand packaging can go a long way.

A good example of this is the iPhone packaging. You only need to look at any iPhone unboxing video on YouTube to see how exciting and fun it can be to unbox an iPhone. Plus, it showcases the brand’s clean and minimalist style, too.

Also, note that having a consistent packaging design is good for your brand. This is especially important if you already built up a reputation as a reliable product manufacturer. This way, at one glance, buyers know right away what to get.

As we said earlier, the packaging is powerful. Good and smart use of it can make people more aware of your products. As a tip, look for recyclable or reusable packaging options.

Good Packaging Informs the Customer

Why do you create labels with brand logos, names, and/or photos? The answer is to give your customers an idea about the product. This includes how to use it, the ingredients/materials, and more.

This is very important if you’re selling food or products used on the body. For example, a lot of influencers on social media are now selling cosmetic products. One of the cosmetics labeling requirements from the FDA includes color additives.

You don’t want to buy makeup that doesn’t place its ingredients on the label. You don’t want to risk developing sores or scars on your face from unknown chemicals in makeup. The same is true with shampoo, soaps, and other products, especially food.

Placing these details on your labels makes your brand look more reliable. Remember, you want to have as much transparency about your products with the public. This way, they can see that you’re not hiding anything dangerous or hazardous in your products.

2. How You Can Create Good Packaging for Business

The packaging design process isn’t always as simple or easy as many people think. As with your business branding, you also need to make sure your product branding is the best it can be. Below, we have some tips on how to choose packages for your products that make an impact.

Get Familiar With Your Demographic 

Before you launched your business, you most likely already have a target customer in mind. For your product packages, do their designs go hand-in-hand with the expectations of your target customers? Or do they defy their expectations?

Let’s say you have a product line of handyman tools, for example. Look to use distinctive, masculine, and/or rugged designs. Remember, your customers will most likely be middle-aged men that want a quality set of tools.

Try to Personalized Packaging

Simple packaging designs work best to give off a high-end feel. Yet, now, personalization is what people are after. They appreciate a brand that pays attention to them as individuals rather than uses a one-size-fits-all approach.

It gives them a deeper sense of satisfaction to know that a brand wants to reach out to them. One way to give customers this personalization is with simplicity and stylish typography.

For a single product, you can also get a variety of packages that have various messages. Some examples of these messages may include “World’ Best Mom” or “To my BFF”. These varied designs are great for products that are likely to get bought as gifts.

Choose a Package Design That’s Part of the Experience

A good way to bring attention to your products is to add an unforgettable unboxing experience. We already mentioned the smooth unboxing experience iPhone packages offer. You can do the same with your packages too.

It will take a while to create a good design that still offers quality packaging. You may even need help from a professional designer. However, it’s sure to pay off later as more customers buy your products to unbox them.

Take Advantage of the Importance of Packaging

Now you understand the importance of packaging for your products.

Many products that are new on the market often fail because marketers fail to design good packaging. Remember, an eye-catching package may be all you need to get past that threshold.

We hope you learned something useful from this guide on why packaging matters. If you want to see more guides like this one, check out the rest of our posts now.

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