The best laptops of 2022 to suit all needs The best laptops of 2022 to suit all needs

Choosing a laptop is an involved process – there are so many options to consider, and the best laptop for you will depend on your needs, your hobbies and your budget. With everyone having different needs there will be different opinions on what makes a great laptop, however, the good news is that the market is so varied that there will be a laptop choice to suit everyone. We’ve rounded up the best laptops on the market today, to help you choose your next one – Whether you plan on using your new laptop for business, gaming, or even just searching for new slot sites, this article has you covered!

The Best Laptop on a Budget

If you’re shopping for a new laptop with a tight budget then you might feel that your options are restricted – luckily Acer has come to the rescue with the affordable but mighty Swift 3. It combines an Intel Core i7 CPU, and Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics processor, up to 8GB of RAM, a 1080p 14-inch screen and up to 1TB of storage. With up to 8GB of RAM, it’s not going to be enough for power-hungry work like processing video or playing top-spec games, but it’s a great all-rounder that won’t put a huge dent in your bank balance.

Best Gaming Laptop

At the other end of the spectrum to the best budget laptop is the ultimate gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are known for being at the more expensive end of the market, but if you want something that’s going to power even the most demanding game then it’s worth the investment. The Razer Blade 14 is a great option with its full HD 144Hz 14-inch screen, top-spec Nvidia graphics card, AMD CPU and 1TB of storage as standard. It’s thin and light, making it great for gaming on the go, and its cutting-edge internals makes it stand out from the crowd. It was not cheap, but it’s worth it!

The Best Laptop for Business

If you’re looking for a laptop to run your business on, then you need a great all-rounder that’s multi-functional and future-proof. Enter the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Ten 6. It comes from a long line of business-focused products – ThinkPad has become the technology brand for the corporate world. Its ludicrously long battery life and consistently outstanding performance make it a great option. It comes customizable with up to 32GB of RAM and has a 1200p 14-inch screen and an 11th generation Intel Core i5 (or choose an i-7 for added power). The latest in the successful ThinkPad line-up also features a responsive touch screen and has some of the most versatile port options on the market, making it excellent for businesses and working professionals.

The Best Laptop for Creatives

You probably know what’s coming, but Apple still corners the market on laptops for anyone in the creative industries. The new MacBook Pro 14-inch offers excellent functionality for general productivity, and it’s still unparalleled for professional creatives. Yes, you are paying more for the Apple branding, but you also get an incredibly powerful machine that is laid out specifically to suit creative subjects. The latest MacBook Pro comes with the Apple M1 Pro 8-core, upgradable to the M1 Max 10-core. RAM is offered up to 64GB as well as the option to buy up to 8TB of SSD storage. The MacBook Pro is a brilliant workhorse with strong performance and a stunning screen, but some creatives might find the screen size a little small.

The Best All-Rounder Laptop

If you’re in need of a “jack of all trades” then the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio would be the perfect compromise for you. It’s definitely a “master of none”, but it will handle most of what you throw at it. It has an Intel Core i7 with an impressive 32GB of RAM and a mid-range Nvidia graphics card. The Surface Studio comes with a 1TB SSD as standard which makes it the perfect machine for photographers or writers, or anyone who simply wants a reliable laptop that will do everything they need. The Surface also has the benefit of converting into a tablet, which makes it the ideal machine to take on the go.

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Choosing The Right Laptop For You

The important thing to remember is that what’s right for someone else might not be the best option for you. When choosing a laptop you should think about what you’re primarily going to use it for, as well as consider your budget. More RAM and a better processor will make your machine faster and future-proof it, and if you’re only web browsing you don’t need as much storage.

With so many to choose from it can seem like a hard decision to commit to spending your money on one. However, the internet is a wealth of information in terms of reviews and people’s product opinions, so it’s recommended that you spend some time reading these & seeing what people think of the laptop you have in mind. Not everyone will think the same as you so don’t necessarily read one review and take that as gospel but spending a little time online checking out reviews can’t do any harm at all. This is especially helpful if you’re on a budget because it gives you the opportunity to see whether the budget laptop you’re able to afford is going to do the job or whether you need to put off your purchase and save up a little more in order to buy a laptop that has a slightly higher spec.

Ultimately it’s a personal decision so take your time and do your research. That way you can be confident that the purchase you make is the best one for you and your needs. Consider your needs & your budget and find the laptop within both of those that ticks the most boxes and has a decent number of positive reviews online.

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