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6 Fresh Ideas to Boost Bookings on Boutique Hotels

If you’ve just opened your first boutique hotel, you’re probably wondering: how can I attract customers to this amazing experience I’ve created, and start trending so I can boost bookings and grow my business?

Many hoteliers have been in your shoes. The battle to stay fresh and keep innovating while remaining true to your brand can feel like an uphill climb. Whether you’re just beginning to welcome your first guests or exploring how to turn those impulsive bookings into annual customers, let’s explore a few ideas to help you turn up the heat on your boutique hotel and begin trending today.

1. Explain The Why

You want to turn guests casually browsing your website into loyal customers who click “book now!” When you explain the “why,” you entice potential customers and help your boutique hotel stand out. Why should they choose you and not a chain, even though it’s cheaper? Elaborate on what you offer so customers feel like they’re getting an exclusive experience.

Rather than simply listing amenities at the end of your room descriptions, explain to guests why they need to experience these perks. For example, “cool off and unwind in our crystal clear pool at the end of a long travel day,” or “gear up for your next day of adventure with our nutritious breakfast buffet” is infinitely more intriguing than “pool, hot tub, breakfast” listed like a footnote.

2. Create Compelling Brand + Design

If you want your guests to remember their experience in your boutique hotel, create a compelling logo and showcase your brand when you can. Consider having your logo stitched on the bottom of fluffy, welcoming bath towels, or showcase your brand on customized plastic cards that serve as guests’ room keys.

When you create a compelling logo and invest the time and effort into incorporating it around the hotel, guests will remember your brand even after their vacation has ended!

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3. Clear + Concise Website

The single best way to increase bookings is to create a clear and concise website for your boutique hotel. This means it must be readable, easy to navigate, and on-brand with the rest of the experience you’re creating for guests.

Potential customers are turned off by clashing colors, tiny font, or overall outdated website appearance. Seal the deal on that first booking and guarantee your customers will come to you time and again by hiring a professional designer to create a compelling website.

Don’t forget social media! Creating a thoughtful and modern Instagram design for your brand will attract customers and show them your business is contemporary.

4. Retarget Lost Customers

Did you know that customers abandon their online hotel bookings at a rate of over 80%? In fact, “shopping cart abandonment” is a common phenomenon when it comes to online shopping, and the hotel industry is no exception. Don’t lose those customers! Consider a retargeting campaign to entice guests back to their booking.

5. Less Is More

Many guests to your website fail to book because they are overwhelmed by a deluge of information and an overload of choices. Less is more when it comes to offerings, packages, and special deals. Give guests the gift of confidence by offering only a few popular package options and you’ll see an increase in online bookings.

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6. Never Stop improving

You’ve gotten to a great place with your brand and advertising, and you’ve finally secured your financial goals. Don’t stop now! Just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it’ll work forever, especially running a small boutique hotel. You want customers to choose your services not only once, but every time they’re in town! Keep them coming back for more by making the commitment to continual improvement.

The most successful entrepreneurs in any field never stop innovating, and neither should you. If you’re looking to boost bookings in your boutique hotel, remember that you are creating an exclusive experience for customers that they just won’t find at a big chain. Remain confident and follow these tips to get your boutique hotel brand trending in no time!

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