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Be honest. When you walk into your kitchen, does it have a clean look that gives you a zen feeling about cooking? Or, is it a mess of mismatched utensils and appliances resembling an aisle at a thrift store?

If you answered the latter, we need to talk about interior design. Specifically, let’s look at ways to amplify the aesthetics of the kitchen. The kitchen should be a blend of function, looks, and comfort.

All dream kitchens start with the countertops. They are the gateway to the perfect cooking space.

Read on and find inspiration from these spectacular ideas for kitchen countertop decor.

1. Minimal Is More Than Meets the Eye

Countertops are not storage areas, they are workspaces. As such, the counters should not be littered with dozens of different things.

Decor isn’t always an abundance of stuff. There is also style in the minimal. Don’t cover every square inch of your workspace with knick-knacks. A large part of kitchen decoration comes from the actual countertop.

Many people pay a lot of money for certain materials. For example, granite countertops are a popular design. If you have quality material, declutter and let the countertops speak for themselves.

2. Outer Order, Inner Order

“Mise en place” is a French culinary term meaning “to put everything in its place.” If anyone ever knew the functionality and beauty of a kitchen, it’s the French cooks.

With this in mind, everything on your countertops should have a home. This is key to proper decor. Find a set place for every appliance and tool on the counter. Organization is a form of decoration.

3. Function Meets Beauty

Many chefs will suggest that the things in your kitchen should have more than one use. This is wise when selecting the things that will be a part of your countertop decor.

Statement pieces like the mixer or coffee machine need to be both attractive and regularly used.

A useless appliance can really throw off the motif of the countertop.

4. Food As Art

How many times have you seen a still life painting of a bowl of fruit? It’s so common because the fruit makes a tremendous subject. Consider, having a bowl of fresh fruit as your own still life centerpiece.

Keeping with the functionality, this “artwork” can be eaten and replenished. Another idea is an indoor herb garden to add colorful flair. Both of these ideas will enhance the countertop decor.

5. Replace Product Packaging

Nothing takes away from your countertop design like gaudy and ugly product packaging. One possibility for eliminating the product placement look is repackaging. There are thousands of different food storage containers available.

Find new packaging for spices, oils, and salt, etc. that matches your countertop motif.

Consider These Ideas for Kitchen Countertop Decor

Depending on what design you have in mind for your kitchen, you may find these ideas for kitchen countertop decor useful. These styles will help transform your kitchen into a place you enjoy cooking.

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