Do you have a favorite treat? Everyone has a food that they enjoy eating more than anything else. For example, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans. In fact, he said jelly beans was one of his favorite foods, along with ice cream, pumpkin pecan pie, and fudge brownies. Have you ever wondered what happens to your brain when you eat sweets and other junk food? Well, you can find out by reading this article in its entirety.

Boosts Dopamine Production

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for the transmission of messages from one neuron to another. It is also responsible for enhancing motivation and pleasure. When you eat junk food, the production of dopamine is initiated. There are various studies that are linked to junk food and the brain. Evidence from these studies tells us that the human brain may be addicted to junk food.

It is believed that the brain likes junk food so much that it encourages humans to eat more. Even a few clams can increase dopamine production.

Increases Impulsivity

Are you familiar with the term “impulsivity?” If so, you know it means acting without thought. A lot of people do things without thinking and end up regretting their decisions later on down the road. For example, Amy spent $100 on a new outfit on a spur of the moment decision. Unfortunately, Amy’s husband had put the $100 aside to pay a public utility bill.

If only Amy had taken the time to think before acting, she would have realized it was not a good idea to spend the money but it was too late.

Impulsivity has gotten just about everyone in trouble at some point. Now, what do junk food and the brain have to do with impulsivity?  

Some experts believe junk food encourages humans to act on impulse. If you have a history of acting without thinking, it may have something to do with your diet. 

Increases Risk Of Addiction

The brain likes what it likes. Once the brain gets a taste of something, the desire for more become very strong. And, if you are not very careful, you will find yourself eating more than you initially had intended. Before you know it, you will begin to buy more and more of the same food every time you go shopping. You may even find yourself shopping with only the intention of buying more junk food.

It is very easy to become addicted to junk food. Whether it is a specific type of homemade candy, pastry, or pizza, your brain will continuously encourage you to seek more. Is this usual? Yes, it is very common for this to happen. 


There is no doubt that the brain controls a lot of our impulses. While junk food is responsible for some of our bad actions, it is also responsible for a lot improved of good things, including mood, focus, and motivation. Experts recommend monitoring of junk food intake. Keep it minimal even though your brain encourages you to eat more. Eating more will only result in weight gain, addiction, and impulsivity.

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