Successful blog tips Successful blog tips

First, you need to create your blog on one of the platforms you know. And then the magic begins.

1. How to Blog: A Pleasant Design of the Resource

An old truth says that people meet you by your clothes, and it is also relevant to the Internet. If the design of the resource is unpleasant, repulsive, outdated, often users immediately leave it.

At first, you can use some kind of template, but it is better to immediately invest a certain amount in the work of a designer who will draw a unique, beautiful and relevant design for you.

Advice! There are many newcomers to freelance exchanges. And a lot of them are quite talented, but still unknown guys with a low rating. They are willing to work for a small amount. When publishing an ad, immediately indicate the price ceiling in order to lure out the guru and those who value their services too expensive.

The uniqueness of the design is also good because users will definitely remember your resources.

2. How to Blog: Regular Publication of New Articles

Content is a king, ruler and overlord. But only if it is a qualitative content. Here are the basic requirements for blog articles:

– Uniqueness not less than 90-95%;

– Lack of errors;

– Useful and valuable information for users;

– At least 3000 characters without spaces, but better larger;

– Keywords relevant to the site and topic of the article.

Mandatory – readable structure of the article. That is the presence of the main heading, thematic subheadings, number or dot lists.

To begin at least stick to these requirements. And remember – writing a useful, interesting, informative article is not so simple. This can take from several hours to several days. It is similar to essays and if you are not sure if you are able to write your own first article on the blog, find specialists who can write me an essay and they will help you with this issue. Choose only trusted sites while you start.

If you are not ready to devote so much time to publish new materials every day or even more often, make a schedule. For example, 2 publications per week – on Monday and Friday. Strictly stick to the schedule, preparing useful and lively, fascinating articles on the main topic of the blog.

3. Share New Knowledge Right Away

The next rule on how to maintain a personal blog is to share your knowledge and experience as quickly as possible. Not sure where to start? Notebook and pencil are here to help you – write topics that you would like to talk about first. This will be your plan.

For example, you decided to devote it to the students life. In this case, here are a few options:

– Tips and tricks for students;

– How to make your studies easier;

– How to work a little but gain a lot while studying;

– How to prepare for test;

– How to become the best in writing essays, etc ..

Note! The topics proposed above are keywords. This is very important – so the article will be better promoted in search engines.

For the first time, you already have a plan. Next – immediately write articles about everything new that you learn.

4. How to Blog: This Is Your Diary

Talking about how to blog, I will definitely focus on the fact that this is, first of all, your diary. This advice is also relevant to the resources of other subjects.

Write in a simple and understandable language, talk more about yourself and your personal experience. Indeed, today in the pursuit of optimization and other “tricks”, many have depersonalized their blogs, made them too “clerical.”

So stay alive and interesting person, telling not just about some basic things. Keep a diary and become close to your readers so that they could feel that there, behind the monitor, is not a soulless author of articles, but a real person.

5. Do Not Overdo It With Advertising

It is clear that you are interested in how to make money blogging – after all, this is almost the main goal of creating your own personal resource. However, this does not mean that you need to immediately fill up with advertising.

However, while the site has not yet become visited, do not even think about placing ads there. Wait for traffic to be at 500 unique users per day. Only after that connect Google Adsense, other advertising services, publish advertising articles, etc.

By the way! There’s no point in connecting ads before because of low earnings. At best, you will receive about $ 3-4 a month, but is this amount critical for you?

Yes, you must understand how to make money blogging, but do not go to extremes. At first, completely disable advertising – this will be positively appreciated by the user. Only after increasing traffic to the site, monetize it.

Do not be shy about your desire to earn money – this is a completely normal desire. But, again, the first months, be prepared to work without any earnings at all.

6. Adequate Site Map for Users

A site map is needed for proper indexing. Its presence has a positive effect on the issuance of a resource in search engines. Any blog must have it. But in addition to the XML file necessary for search robots, be sure to provide a “map” for your readers.

It may be called “All Articles” or something like that. It will be useful. The usability of your blog will increase significantly, which ordinary readers will appreciate.

7. No Long Page Loading

And again, some technical information on how to keep a personal blog. It concerns the speed of the site. Yes, yes, and you, as a blogger, will definitely have to follow this.

  1. Choose the right hosting that works really fast.
  2. Do not overload the site with heavy content.
  3. Remove unnecessary plugins, extensions, inhibiting the work of the blog.

If the pages load too long, users will simply leave the site without waiting for it to open. Firstly, you are losing readers. Secondly, it will negatively affect search results.

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