How to Set up a Home Yoga Studio

For a lot of people, the largest obstacle to bringing more fitness into their lives is fitting it in around other obligations. Not everyone has the time to drive across town to a fancy yoga studio every day.

But if you have your own home yoga studio, you can start making daily yoga practice a part of your life. With the following home yoga studio ideas, making a dedicated space for yoga has never been easier. 

Choose a Space with Intention

Your home yoga studio won’t be a place for mindful connection with your body and spirit if you’re sharing the space for other uses. Even if you only have a small corner, make your yoga space a yoga-only zone. 

You don’t need to block off a whole room for yoga. As long as you have enough room to execute your yoga poses, you have enough room for a yoga studio at home. 

Keep the space clutter-free so that when you’re there, you can focus on your practice. One of the benefits of yoga is the mind-body connection. You don’t want to sever that connection by bringing outside worries into your space. 

Gather Your Supplies

Whether you use just a mat and your body, or you have a full range of yoga equipment, you should keep everything organized in your yoga space. 

Make sure there’s a place to roll out your mat, and a place to store it between practices. If you use props, put them in a basket or on a shelf so that you can always find them when you need them. 

Think about how you want to practice at home. If you use video instruction, make sure you’re near an outlet so you can keep your devices powered. You can also keep resources like this article handy on your computer or tablet for quick stretches.

When you walk into your yoga studio, you should have everything you need for your practice at your fingertips.

Set the Mood

One of the benefits of having a yoga studio at home is that you can personalize it to your tastes. If you prefer dim lights and candles for your practice, you can fill your space with them. 

Incense or aromatherapy are other great options to help you relax and find your focus during your practice. You want your yoga studio to be a restful and restorative place in your home. 

Choosing a specific scent for your yoga space can help you quickly get into the right mindset every time you enter the space. If you don’t like scents, you can add a picture or a piece of artwork that helps you feel centered and serene. 

However you decorate or enhance your space, if it brings you peace and joy, then it will benefit your practice. 

Start Practicing in Your Home Yoga Studio

Once your home yoga studio is set up, all that’s left is to practice yoga! You can update or renew your space whenever you feel the need, but the foundation will always be there. 

For more advice on how to bring healthy habits into your life effectively, take a look at our health and fitness articles. 

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