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After about 1-3 years, 75% of couples get engaged. So if you’re one of them but are thinking of saying I don’t, you might consider your options.

Now is a whirlwind time, canceling everything you just planned, and you might be short on cash. You might wonder how to sell an engagement ring for the best price. While this might seem complicated, it doesn’t have to be! Read this guide on how to sell it today!

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are a common place to sell rings, but you might not get your money’s worth. They don’t care about receipts or certification, though.

After you find a Jewelry Appraiser Near Me, you’ll receive an offer. When selling an engagement ring, you’ll receive quick cash from a pawn shop.

Check Online

Some sites online will buy your ring. You could also see if someone will pay for it and have it shipped to them.

Some sites will have online auctions for people to buy from you. Before you upload your purchase, they might offer you an estimate.

Online consignment shops are another option. You can check out a site before choosing them. Head to the Better Business Bureau and look up their information.

Friends and Family

You can sell engagement rings to friends and family. Tell them the price, and don’t let them pressure you to lower it.

If you offer them a payment plan, be clear about the instructions. You don’t want it to turn into a financial fight. If you’re married and need cash fast, selling to a friend means that you could buy it back in the future.

The Original Store

Reach out to the original store and see if they’ll buy it back. Keep in mind that they might not give you a great price.

Rings lose their value when they leave the display case. If you don’t have the receipt, it’ll be harder to receive a good offer. For ring upgrades, they might be willing to offer you a large discount.


Places like eBay will allow people to bid against each other for your item. This might increase the price that you’ll receive. Consider a minimum price you’re comfortable with, and remember that eBay has fees.

Tips on the Best Way To Sell an Engagement Ring

Be realistic and understand that you might get much lower than the purchase price. If it’s unique, that might hurt its value.

If it’s in bad condition, figure out if it can be repaired. Clean the ring before you bring it in.

Check online to see how much similar rings are selling for. Consider second-hand prices too.

If you have the receipt, that might help with selling the ring. Have a grading certificate from a certified jeweler.

That’ll let them know the grade of the metals and stones of the ring. Buyers are more likely to trust you.

Research the 4Cs:

  • Carat weight
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Cut

You can take it to an appraiser or local jeweler. The more you know about your ring, the more accurately you can define the price.

How Much You’ll Receive for Your Engagement Ring

There are multiple factors such as the condition, value, and if there’s customization. Many rings will sell for 40-75% of their original value. It’ll also depend on where you take it to be sold.

For side stones (melee diamonds) they might be worth a few hundred dollars. If the ring is high quality or a popular brand (Tiffany’s), many places will remove the center stone. They’ll then melt down the ring setting for scrap and reuse the center stone.

How Long Selling a Ring Will Take

If you go to the store, it’ll sell fast. Online marketplaces tend to take longer.

It could take a few weeks or months. But you might wind up making more money by selling it online. If it’s priced well, it might sell faster.

Ensure You’re Ready

Engagement rings might have sentimental value to you and could be hard to part with. Don’t rush to sell it unless you need the money or it has no value to you.

The Best Place To Sell an Engagement Ring

Online! You don’t have to leave your home, worry about gas, etc.

You’ll have more options since you might have few jewelers in the area. Worthy.com is a popular site.

You’ll receive an estimated market value for your piece. You’ll ship the item if the price works.

They’ll then auction your item and place it in front of hundreds of people worldwide. Payment is quick, and you could receive an offer within a week.

Another good option is CashforGoldUSA.com. You can sell jewelry, wedding rings, engagement rings, etc.

They’ll sell diamond rings with a small center stone (less than .5 carats). They’ll also sell engagement rings with gemstones and small diamonds.

Selling Alternatives

Instead of selling it, you could consider giving it to your children. You could also reuse it in a different form of jewelry. This might not be a good option if the stone has negative memories.

Top Tips for How To Sell an Engagement Ring

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to sell an engagement ring. Take your time deciding which option is best. Speak with an appraiser to see the true value and grade of your ring.

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