How to Plan the Best Florida Vacation

Got a Florida vacation on the brain?

You’re not alone. Almost 80 million people visited the Sunshine State last year and with so many choices for vacation-goers, it’s easy to see why. You’ve got 80,000 miles of shoreline to choose from, a world full of cultures to explore, and a stack of theme park fun.

Don’t worry, though. You don’t need to go into your vacation planning completely blind. Here’s our full guide on how to plan the best Florida vacation so you can just relax and enjoy your holiday.

1. Choose Your Destination

Possibly the most difficult step is picking where exactly you want to go on your Florida vacation. The state has a lot to offer. From its sandy shores to the swampy Everglades, and bustling Miami to the more laid-back Florida Keys.

One way to narrow it all down is to decide what you’d like to do. Are you after a relaxing vacation? Then check out these best beaches in popular Fort Myers Florida. Got the kids in tow? Then aim to be based near the theme parks in Orlando.

Here are some of the top destinations in Florida to get your planning started:

  1. Orlando. A theme park city that’s popular for attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Epcot Center
  2. Miami. A vibrant city known for its sizzling nightlife and Latin culture.
  3. The Florida Keys. A 120-mile long chain of tropical islands ideal for exploring the marine life of the state
  4. Tampa Bay Area. A variety of popular cities, a large natural harbor, and some of Florida’s best beaches

2. Do Your Research

This is the fun part. Once you’ve decided on where you’re going, now it’s time to dive into the world of your destination. Find out everything you can about what there is to do including sights to see, activities to enjoy, and even the best places to eat.

Plan how you’re going to get around, what type of accommodation you’d like to stay in and, of course, who you’re going to take along with you. Speak with your friends and family to gather any travel tips they have from past vacations. This will give you a good idea of how much your trip might cost so you can decide how much you need to save.

3. Book Flights and Accommodation

Now it’s time to turn all that trip planning into solid action. You can take the easy way out and consult with a travel agent who can get your flights, accommodation, and transfers sorted. Or, you can use those research skills to find the best bargains online for yourself.

Florida is also ideal for a road trip vacation so you can choose to drive there or pick up a rental car on arrival. Depending on how long you have, you can pick two or three destinations to visit and really get a sense of the state.

Start Packing for Your Florida Vacation

Now that you’ve got all the trip planning out of the way, all that’s left to do is pack your bags and get ready to go. The best part is, with a Florida vacation on the horizon, regular life will seem that much sweeter.

Check out our Travel section for more tips to help you decide where to go and top things to do once you’re there.

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