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Camping is a pleasurable activity. There is no doubt about this one. Being able to experience the wonders of outdoors will give you the kind of sensation that you cannot just feel on a regular basis.

If you are with your loved ones, camping can give you both a romantic turn. Aside from providing you the privacy that you and your partner need, camping can also offer different scenery that can match the intimacy at an optimum level.

Just like every other outdoor activity, camping for romantic getaways requires serious planning. You have to secure a lot of things, especially your camping checklist. Furthermore, locating a good spot that can promote your togetherness should also be done ahead of time as well. After all, it is not only about having romantic moments with your loved ones; it is also about having fun in the wild.

Are you curious about how to plan such activity? Check out the rest of this guide. Let’s start!

How to Plan a Romantic Camping Trip for Two

You cannot foster your love for one another if you keep on doing “normal” dates on your favorite restaurants or local parks. You and your significant half can grow together if you can travel together into the wilderness. Exploring different destinations and scenery can brew all those love hormones inside your body. Once there, you can feel that your partner is the only person that you’ll ever need.

But before you can achieve such kind of epiphany, it is crucial that you can plan out things first. If you do not know how to plan a romantic outdoor trip yet, just follow the guidelines that I listed below.

Choosing the Right Destination

Each one of us has different preferences for locations. Some of us want to witness the towering glory of mountains while others are already satisfied by the calm ambiance that the woods can bring. This consideration is quite crucial because they can dictate if a particular destination is good for you or not.

The area that you will choose should be peaceful and away from the urban jungle. Make sure that the place can serve as a wide conduit so that it can help you connect with your partner. You may want to give up your preferences on this matter. The best thing that you can do is to know where your partner wants to go. Does your significant other want to go to the beach or the nearest forest in your place?

The second thing that you need to do is to secure a spot in which you can have a front seat to witness all the wonders around you. It does not matter if it is situated on unexplored or inhabited terrains. As long as the place can give you the picture perfect scenarios, it is already a good choice. If possible, you have to camp in an area where the sunset or sunrise is close. If there are obstructions to these views, there is no point in staying in your chosen campsite.

Lastly, it is somehow necessary that the camping grounds in which you want to settle temporarily offer can support outdoor activities. You cannot  enjoy your romantic date if you just stay inside the tent or the campsite. Ideally, you can look for accredited campsites in the United States that offers these following amenities: water accessibility, parks, and roads.

Meal Planning

The romance will not spur if you do not eat something nice while you are out there. It is not just about witnessing beautiful sights and landscapes. It is also about having a simple meal together, too. Of course, making complex delicacies while camping is quite difficult, considering that you will never be able to bring all the essential cooking wares out there.

However, this does not mean that you will just settle for bland meals. If you do, the level of enjoyment and affection that you can provide for your partner will not that be great. Planning is a good sign that you have thoroughly prepared for the event. It is such a waste if you do not do this step. Camping should be pleasurable, even for your stomachs.

There are a lot of camp meal ideas that you can choose here. If you want to get a sumptuous breakfast, you can choose eggs, bacon, and pancakes. You can prepare them easily even in your campsite. Fresh fruits are also viable options to improve the overall tang of your meal. Don’t forget that you can make coffee, too.

Since you are camping, it would be pretty boring if you stay at your campsite. During lunch or dinner, you can always take your partner to a scenic location. It should be able to revitalize the mood and setting of your dine out! Get a perfect spot and let it become your newest five-star restaurant to flaunt. In fact, you can always bring a bottle of wine here!

Preparation of Activities

A romantic date on outdoors is not just about sightseeing. It is also about doing beautiful and exciting things together. There are a lot of things that you can do once you have escaped the urban jungle. The outside field will always be your playground.

Of course, this is a good thing for you and your beloved one. This means that you can roam freely in the wild and do anything that pleases you. But before you can make the most out of this opportunity, you should learn the preferences of your partner. Specifically, you should be aware of the things that your partner likes to do.

This will test if you really know your significant other. If you have just started dating, you can always ask what they want. You have to share them about your plan so that you can successfully organize the activities that you will do there. If you want to keep things in secret until the big day, you can connive with your partner’s family and friends. Ask them what the hobbies or special inclinations of your partner are. I am pretty sure that they can give valuable pointers to you.

For starters, you might want to introduce your other half to hiking. It is an easy activity that requires minimal training, especially if the terrain is not that harsh. You can always hike some hills or elevated areas and take your meal there. You can also enjoy the wonderful sights while you are on the ground. If there’s a nearby lake or river, you can go fishing or kayaking. Just remember to brush up on your fishing skills and knowledge by visiting FishermensPond first so you can wow your partner.

Let’s check out the kayak buying guide for beginner at kayaknv. If you do not like to tire yourself too much, you can just snuggle around your campfire. A simple stargazing can even do the magic!


A romantic trip for two lovers is not hard to plan or execute. You just have to organize it months or weeks earlier so that you can fully polish your itinerary and expenses. Once you can get all these things right, your outdoor excursion will become memorable and worth cherishing. Your relationship will grow even stronger than it used to be. Doesn’t it excite you?

Did this guide help you? If you have other questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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