Keeping the Winter Cold Out of Your Garage

Your garage is an integral part of your home, providing you valuable storage space for your vehicle and other stuff. Of all the things you have, imagine what you can do without your car. Life would be much harder, especially during winter.

You have to walk to the bus station each time you have to go somewhere. It can be frustrating when your car does not quickly start.

A garage keeps your vehicle safe from harsh weather conditions, preventing it from having problems like a blocked exhaust pipe among others. Because they are often just extensions of a house, garages tend to be one of the most overlooked areas. During winter,  a crack or a hole allows warm air to escape.

This leads to an increased utility bill and an ineffective heating system running inside your house. And the chills of the winter will undoubtedly damage most of the items you have stored in the garage.

Ways of Keeping Your Garage Warm During Winter

  1. Insulation or weatherproofing

Garage door repair experts always advise that insulating the garage door and walls are the best way to ensure air does not escape through the cracks and spaces. If your automatic garage doors are not functioning correctly, be sure to get a garage door service repair that will provide you with the best services for your air purifiers for home. Insulating your garage door with weather sealants ensures tight insulation.

Weather seals take care of the spaces between the door and the wall and all the other air passages in the garage. They help create an airtight space so that no air flows in or out of the garage. If you have done weatherproofing the previous year, it will be necessary to check if your garage door still has the same tightness or it will require repairs.

  1. Heater installation

Air purifiers for home are your best choice when maintaining a warm garage throughout the cold months. Experts advise, never to use a conventional heater in your garage because it may catch fire, especially if you have stored chemicals in your garage. A standard heater will also be an extra cost in your utility bill, and it will not be effective in its purpose.

This is because it is not suitable for providing heat to such a big space. In such an instance, a heater using electric forced air will be best to help your garage remain warm and prevent damage to stored items.

  1. Ventilation

Just because you want your garage to be warm, it does not mean it should not have a sound ventilation system. Too much moisture will damage stored metal and destroy paper items. A great way of ventilating your garage is to create an exhaust on the cavity of the car storage. This will allow moisture to escape through the process of evaporation.

Escaping water will leave the garage using the passive wall vents. If the humidity in the garage is not taken care of, not only will it damage the items stored in the garage, but will also be detrimental to the occupants of the home.


With a well-functioning garage door and air ventilating system, your cars will be protected. You will also save much more on heating bills every year.

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