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In 2015, only 0.4 percent of Americans were vegan. This number has since risen to more than 3.5 percent of Americans. With the amount of information that has spread about factory farming cruelty, environmental benefits, and more, this is to be expected. 

You, too, may feel swayed by these arguments and wish to become vegan yourself. However, you may not know how to go vegan. If so, read on to learn some tips for vegan diet beginners. 

Do Your Research 

Before you take the final steps towards becoming a vegan, prepare all that you can with research. Gather a list of all the foods you can eat and recipes to make with them. Find some advice on how to deal with cravings and other issues people face with going vegan. 

In addition, learn about the vegan benefits, such as those healthy, environmental, and so on. You may want to list these out and put them somewhere that you can see them. Doing so can give you the courage to continue on your vegan journey. 

Change Your Diet Slowly 

Instantly quitting a habit does have benefits, but it is very hard to pull off. You are more likely to stick to your vegan diet if you remove animal products from your diet at a gradual pace. For example, you can have meat and dairy six days a week in the first week, then five the next week, and so on. 

Don’t feel too ashamed if you take too far a step and have to go back. Remember that this is a very difficult habit to take on, and you are only human. 

Don’t Forget About Substitutes 

It’s not a good idea to cut your favorites out of your diet entirely. This can make you crave them even more. Instead, try to find ways to substitute your favorites with vegan versions. 

One way to do this is to seek out vegan products that manufacturers make to be similar to non-vegan items. Instead of milk, try oat or almond milk. Instead of beef burger patties, try veggie-based versions. 

Another idea is to substitute the proteins in your favorite recipes with other proteins. Instead of meatballs on your spaghetti, try morels or adaptogenic mushrooms. Instead of eggs, try silken tofu. 

Ask for Help 

Remember that you don’t have to go about your journey all alone. There are plenty of clubs, social media subgroups, and so on based on veganism. Seek them out, join them, and go to them when you need any help. 

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Finally, don’t think that this will be an easy task. Know that it can be difficult. Then, you can set your attitude and prepare your mind accordingly. 

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