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About 85 percent of people say they struggle with low self-esteem.

If you suspect that you need to bolster your confidence after a recent setback, you need to know how to build yourself back up.

It’s not always easy when you’ve fallen over to get up and keep going. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how to be confident.

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1. Keep Taking Risks  

When you don’t have much confidence, you might struggle to take risks. 

For example, if you fell over when you’re were hiking and hurt your knees, you might be afraid to go hiking ever again.

You’re probably really concerned about hurting yourself in the same way again. But, you need to grit your teeth and try again.

Just because you hurt yourself last time, that doesn’t mean it will happen again. You can’t allow risks to take over your confidence.

2. Take Baby Steps 

When you have an unimaginable challenge, it’s not easy to feel confident about your ability to succeed. How could you possibly overcome this huge problem?

That’s why you need to break it down. Just because the end goal is overwhelming, the first steps may be easy to achieve.

Focus on the small steps you can take. The closer you get to your goals, the more confidence you’ll develop over time.

3. Show Some Gratitude

When you have low self-esteem, you can focus on how big your problems are. You can concentrate so much on your own circumstances, you forget to get perspective.

You might find that remembering to put everything into perspective can allow you to feel better about everything.

If you were overlooked for a promotion or broke up with your partner, you need to focus on the fact that there will always be other jobs and relationships.

4. Learning Experiences 

When you fail at something, this can easily undermine your confidence. You might decide that you never want to try anything ever again.

But, this isn’t the best attitude. You can also focus on failure as a way to inspire learning.

You did your best. But, now you can keep improving and do even better next time you’re faced with the same challenge.

5. Smile More

If you find that you always have low self-esteem, then you could try making a little change.

When you smile more, you remind yourself to be more positive. When you smile or laugh, you’d be surprised by how this could affect your emotions.

Do you struggle with stuttering? Read more about how you can stop! It may help you smile more and feel better about yourself overall.

How to Gain Confidence Back

If you want to bolster your self-confidence, then you need to make some changes to your attitude. 

But, it’s not always easy when you’re overwhelmed with doubt. By following our tips you can inject some positivity into your life.

If you want to discover more about how to gain confidence back, check out our blog.

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