As more and more electronics begin to take over our lives and our children’s lives, you most likely have no objection to your child playing outside. An active child is a healthy child not only physically but mentally as well. Everyone should spend time outside every day to reap all the wonderful benefits of doing so.

Did you know that children should get between 4-6 hours of outside playtime each day? The sun is a great source of Vitamin D and is essential. Too much sun, however, can have a negative effect on our bodies.

That’s why it’s important to know how to protect your child from sun damage while still allowing them to get that outdoors time they need. In the guide below, you’ll discover a few sun safety tips you should know and teach your child about as well. Continue reading below to find out more!

Provide Them With Sunglasses

One great first step in providing suncare to your child is to provide them with sunglasses. Even when the sun isn’t as bright, it can still cause you to squint your eyes. If you wear sunglasses each time you step outside, then your child should wear some as well.

If you’re not wearing sunglasses when outside, then take note of how your eyes feel without them. You’re most likely squinting or getting headaches, and your eyes probably feel tired. It’s time to take a trip to the store, and purchase sunglasses for the entire family!

Make sure to bring your children with you, and let them try on a few pairs and pick out their own. They’re more likely to wear them if it’s something they’ve picked out. You can also let them pick out a cute sunhat from the store as well!

Dress Them in Protective Clothing

A great way to provide sun safety for kids without having to do anything extra is to dress them in protective clothing. There’s UV clothing for kids that’ll protect their skin from the sun without having to take any extra steps. These clothing items generally cover their entire arms, back, and belly.

The great thing about this type of clothing is that it’s lightweight, breathable, and dries quickly. UV clothing is ideal for days at the beach, at the park, or even when visiting favorite attractions.

Teach Them When to Seek Shade

Spending time in the sun is beneficial in many ways, but there comes a time when the sun’s rays are too powerful, and you need to seek out some shade. You can teach your child how to tell when it’s time to find shade by teaching them about shadows. When their own shadow is shorter than them, this is when the sun is the strongest.

Once they see their short shadow, they should know to find some shade and take a break to cool down.

Have Indoor Fun When the Sun’s at Its Highest

When the sun’s at its highest, you should plan to have some fun indoor activities for the little ones to do. Once they start playing outside, they might not want to come in for a while. If you have something nice planned for them to do inside the house, then they’ll get excited to leave the sun for the day and start the other fun stuff.

Be sure to check your local weather to determine when the sun will be at its highest and strongest and plan accordingly.

Apply Sunscreen After Getting Wet

If your child’s playing outside in the water or becomes sweaty, then you’ll want to apply more sunscreen to them after drying them off. It’s good to teach your child to apply more sunscreen after their skin gets wet each time. Water and sweat can wash the sunscreen off of them and will no longer protect them.

It’s also a good idea to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before having them jump in the water. This way, they’re not washing it right off before it has time to dry on their skin.

Set a Good Example and Make It a Habit

When your child sees you doing something, it becomes a habit for them as well. They’re a product of their environment and if they never see you using sunscreen, then they won’t consider putting it on either. Make wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and protective clothing a habit for the entire family and your child won’t even think twice about doing any of these sun safety tasks.

Don’t forget to educate them on the dangers of the sun as well. The more you can teach them about why suncare is so important, the more understanding they’ll be about the subject, and the more willing they’ll be to follow your sun safety plan.

Keep a Fresh Aloe Plant Nearby

No matter how hard you try, there will come a time when your child gets a sunburn. Life gets busy, and it happens, especially when living in an area with lots of sunshine. Although you don’t want your child to get burned, you need to plan for the worst.

Keeping a fresh aloe plant in the house is a great way to always have sunburn relief nearby. Aloe plants are easy to care for and will grow back after you cut a leaf off. If you’re going to be out for the day, then be sure to break off a leaf and put it in a ziplock to take with you.

Fresh aloe leaves can be broken open to reveal the beneficial aloe inside that you can then rub onto a sunburn.

Your Active Child Will Stay Protected With These Tips

Don’t stop your active child from having fun outdoors due to sun safety concerns. You can keep your child protected from the sun by following the tips listed here in this guide. From sunscreen to sunglasses and everything in between, your child’s skin will stay protected as they soak up all the benefits from the sun.

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