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Do you want to cut and style hair?

On average, men get cuts about every 8 weeks, which turns into at least 5 visits each year. Some guys go every couple of weeks, making this a very lucrative job.

Plus, it also feels good to help people feel better about themselves with your work. If you want to become a barber, continue reading to learn how in this step-by-step guide!!

Step 1: Apply for Financial Aid

Barber school can cost over $10,000. Unless you can hand over that type of money, look into your financial aid options.

Apply for FAFSA, the federal student aid program, to see if you qualify for any grant money. Unlike loans, you do not need to pay grants back, so make this your first move.

Also, search for private grants you might qualify for. Whether or not you qualify for any grant money, you can take out a loan that you can pay back once you begin working.

Step 2: Apply for Barber School

Fill out your application for hair school. As with most furthering education programs, you can expect to pay an application fee.

This shows that you are serious about the program. Plus, people take time to read through all of the applications, and time costs money.

Pay attention to deadlines. Also, turn in an error-free application; attention to detail is critical as a barber.

Step 3: Learn the Trade

You cannot decide you want to work as a barber and start cutting hair. Barbering takes knowledge and skill.

In this position, you work with sharp tools on heads and faces. Plus, people count on you to help them look good and not want their hair cut wrong.

This means that you truly need to invest your time and effort into schooling. Show up with the intent to learn everything you can in the 1-2 years your training takes.

Step 4: Create a Resume

Put together a professional resume. On this, you will list your objective as a barber, education, and work experience.

Revise for errors so that your resume presents your best self. Keep the information up to date and relevant.

Step 5: Shadow Work

Once you complete your program, apply for an internship at a local barbershop. During this time, you may not actually get to cut hair often. This will allow you to learn your way around a real shop and shadow a skilled barber.

Step 6: Apply for a Job

You may ask, is it easy to become a barber? It all depends on you.

If you feel passionate about it, then the work you put in to get here should feel productive rather than difficult. As long as you put in good work through school and your internship, you should not have too much trouble finding a job.

If the area you live in seems filled with barbers, expand your job search a little. You can always choose to take the initiative to start your own business rather than work for somebody else.

Do You Want to Become a Barber?

If you really want to become a barber, then take action! Begin at step 1 today and push through each step until you reach your goal!

Need help building your own operation once you complete schooling? Read our business page for helpful tips.

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