How one federal law firm is changing the game for clients How one federal law firm is changing the game for clients

It has been a complicated year for feral law and many people are being affected in ways that may not have been imagined previously.

Both companies and individuals are facing consequences due to the changes in federal law and may have become involved with the legal system unexpectedly. Whether you are facing claims regarding business compliance, rejected applications to government departments or ongoing subpoenas, you need to be prepared to fight for your defense to escape without consequence.

The key to surviving such hardships is having a great legal team behind you. Defense lawyers who specialize in federal cases are available across the country, but not all these are equipped to handle the rising demands of their clients nor can they guarantee success.

This is why you need to find lawyers who offer more. Despite all the changes in the systems, the team led by Nick Oberheiden remains a constant contender.

Introducing Oberheiden PC

Whether your family or fortune is at risk due to federal claims, you need to ensure you are in a safe pair of hands. For many years, Oberheiden PC has been this for both individuals and businesses alike, offering expert federal legal support and a great track record of success.

Clients across the country have experienced the high levels of professionalism and sheer skills on offer at this law firm, helping them escape what otherwise would have been a disastrous fate.

Founded by Dr. Nick Oberheiden, this law firm is considered one of the top in the whole United States because of its track record. The team is made up of prolific lawyers, similar to Dr Oberheiden himself, who can offer not only support in the courtroom, but ongoing counsel to ensure you have a great understanding of federal laws, where you stand and the changes required.

Over the years, this firm has helped clients through a range of cases, from government cases to business defense. They work closely with their clients to provide exceptional service and ensure that the main goal of Dr. Oberheiden is always being met.

The law firm was founded on the belief that not only do people or businesses require experienced support during federal cases, but that this support does not end in the courtroom.

Dr. Oberheiden is determined to provide more than the essentials to his clients, which is why there is a great focus on ongoing education and support for both individuals and businesses alike. This education aims to help you get through your current case but also directs you toward success in the future.

What Cases Are Covered?

Due to the constantly changing nature of the federal government over the past decade, and last year specifically, it can be difficult to determine when federal lawyers should be called.

With their many years of experience in the field, the team at Oberheiden has worked on all kinds of cases and continues to offer legal support to businesses or individuals who are involved in federal court.

There are four main areas of expertise across the team, with many other cases being handled in between over the years. These federal lawyers can offer professional support and have a great success rate for cases such as:

· Government Investigations

A government investigation can be called for any case revolving around individual units, such as the IRS and FDA, as well as those concerning national security.

Both individuals and businesses can find themselves being investigated by the government regarding their case and a specialized team at Oberheiden PC can help with all areas.

· Corporate Compliance

Cases revolving around business and industry issues will be handed by the compliance lawyers at Oberheiden PC, with services such as healthcare and IRS audits included to support your defense.

· CEO Defense

Likewise, when dealing with issues surrounding business practices and federal cases revolving around your business you need to have a good team around you.

Federal lawyers at Oberheiden PC can handle a range of cases, from false claims and whistleblowers to white-collar defense and even national security measures.

· Business Defense

Instead of focusing on those at the top of the business, some cases can put the whole company into jeopardy and this is where these federal lawyers come in.

Cases such as partnership disputes, breach of contract, and overall business litigation can require professional support and this team is fully qualified to handle every element of your defense.

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Meet The Team

Oberheiden PC has a brilliant reputation across the country for its federal defense team and has recently added some big names to the team.

The former secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has become part of the defense team. His insider knowledge, along with the qualifications and experience of the rest of the team, is invaluable and ensures that an even wider range of cases can be handled by the firm.

Lawyers and attorneys, along with former congressmen and members of the United States Department of Justice, make up the incredible team at Oberheiden PC – ensuring you cannot be in better hands, no matter what the federal courts throw at you.

As the founder, as well as an ongoing practicing attorney at the firm, Dr. Oberheiden continues to shape the federal laws within this country. Not only does he, and his team, support businesses and clients in their time of need but with their connections to the government and lawmakers are actively making changes for the good of the public.

Connections to members of Congress and the DOJ are just some of the ways that the team at Oberheiden PC can make a difference for the greater good and their work continues to make changes to the federal law across the country.

With their dedication to the cause and experience in the field, the team at Oberheiden PC is making a difference for us all, not just their clients.

When dealing with federal claims, you really cannot be in better hands than working with these lawyers.

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