Different types of car accident injuries Different types of car accident injuries

A car accident is one of the most unfortunate scenarios to be involved in and can lead to devastating consequences. There is a significant amount of financial loss for all people involved, along with a high probability of death, or at the very least, injuries of some sort.

Painful injuries that are not obvious to the human eye can be caused, even at low speeds, considered dangerous. These injuries can cause discomfort for extended periods if left untreated. Hence, getting medical care after being in a car accident is the most important thing you should do. A competent medical center will have a wide range of expert doctors in fields ranging from chiropractors to orthopedics who can diagnose your symptoms and provide the best care possible. This is why you shouldn’t settle for anything less when it comes to your body’s well-being.

Your body pumps adrenaline into your bloodstream immediately after a car accident, so you might be unable to adequately detect any damage until the adrenaline rush has worn off. This means that you most likely won’t realize that you’ve injured any part of your body until after some time. Due to the possibility of this happening, it is advisable to check into a medical facility right after being in a car accident, even if you think you’re perfectly alright. The first thing you need to understand is the different types of car accident injuries that a person can suffer and the varying levels in which they present themselves.

Let’s dive into the details!

Cuts and Scrapes

One of the most common and least dangerous results of a car accident is the cuts or scrapes you acquire during the accident. These are most likely non-serious but dealt with immediately. You can use ointments and medicines on the cuts and bandage to avoid the risk of infections.


The single most common type of injury that people suffer after a car accident is whiplash. Whiplash occurs from the body’s rapid movement during a car accident and is the most common injury where a person got hit from the side or behind. When a car collides with another vehicle, there is a sudden shift in its momentum at momentarily high accelerations, resulting in your head and neck moving around randomly and rapidly.

In simple words, whiplash occurs due to high speeds and unnatural movements in heads. Symptoms include neck pains, stiffness, and muscle spasms, resulting in chronic pain if left untreated.

Whiplash can also result in the bones’ misalignment in the neck or spine region, so prompt medical attention is necessary to ensure the extent of damage and if it is treatable or not.

The first thing you should do is rest for a few days but first, consult a chiropractor. Chiropractic care treatment is exceptionally beneficial for injuries of this nature. A chiropractor may use spinal manipulation to readjust the spine’s position and restore it to its optimal function. Your doctor will probably also administer muscle relaxants and pain killers to help you with the discomfort.

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Head Injuries

Head injuries are also widespread in car accidents and can potentially lead to devastating outcomes for those who suffer. Moreover, it could lead to a person’s death if left untreated.

They are also a hassle to diagnose since the techniques used are complicated, and multiple types of car injuries can occur.

Trauma to the skull and brain can cause concussions, which are the most common form of head injuries. When the brain collides against the inside of your skull, it can lead to a mild or severe concussion. The degree to which the head is injured will determine how long the treatment will continue. Contusions are also common head injuries in which the brain gets wound, and any bruises on the brain can lead to swelling and bleeding. Intracranial Hematoma and skull fractures are other possible head injuries that can arise after car accidents.

All of these injuries require immediate treatment by professionals. A Chiropractor monitors the brain using CT scans or MRI scans (whatever is necessary) to diagnose any damage.

Broken Ribs and Bones

Other injuries that can occur in car accidents are broken ribs and other broken bones. Damage to the spinal cord, internal bleeding, and trauma to the joints are also common injuries. Fractured ribs are common occurrences in high-speed car crashes because ribs are fragile and can break on impact. Broken ribs can be diagnosed through X-rays and can take long periods and rest to heal. The arms and legs of a person can also be damaged – since they are free to move around when the car got hit from any direction, sudden jolts can cause the limbs’ bones to fracture.

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Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are severe since the spine plays a huge role in how the body functions as a whole. If not treated adequately, spinal injuries can result in the loss of life or permanent damage to the body, which is why it is imperative to visit a medical institution.

The damage to tendons and ligaments in the body are also very common. In any case, the first and most important thing that a professional doctor will do is diagnose your injuries and determine the type and extent of injuries that you have suffered. This involves physical inspections of the body and different scans performed to study the damage done. After doing go, the doctor may prescribe appropriate medication to the patient.

Now, we have discussed enough about physical injuries, let’s look at mental disorders that a person could suffer after a car accident.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The emotional effects of car accident injuries aren’t ignorant and can last far longer than physical wounds. It’s common for people to develop PTSD who have survived traumatic car crashes. These people may be hyper-aware of their surroundings and seem emotionally numb all the time. Moreover, they could face difficulty relaxing and sleeping.

Physical injuries could heal faster than emotional disorders; thus, you should take them seriously.

Behavior Changes

Behavior changes after a car accident are common. Everyone handles car accident events differently, but behavior changes are often noticeable after a crash. Hallucination is also very common. Likewise, speech difficulty is found in the majority of victims.

Changes in behavior can give rise to different types of disorders, which you can address via therapy and counseling – a professional therapist’s help is advisable.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right car accident doctor is extremely important and should be done with extreme care and consideration. Any institute that you visit should have a team of doctors available that specialize in different fields so that you can receive the best possible treatment in every particular category. To name a few, the institute should have competent chiropractors, neurologists, orthopedic doctors, and physical therapists to take care of you and address your injuries. Pain specialists are also an important member of the team.

Chiropractic care and physical therapy are very good at healing from car accident injuries and can bring you back to life, but you’ll need to visit professionals.

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