Greener grass of your neighbor's lawn Greener grass of your neighbor's lawn

‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’

There is none amongst us who hasn’t heard or said the phrase.

Grass is greener on other side of fence

I believe this saying must’ve been that  of a very frustrated teenager back in the neanderthal days whose parents must’ve been going on about how beautifully the neighbor’s son chops his wood as compared to their own son’s barbarous chops.
This belief arises from the fact that people have never, absolutely never, have been always completely satisfied with what was served on their plate by life, however bountiful it may be, the plate of another always seems more delicious doesn’t it?

When we were kids we liked our friend’s toys better than ours, when we grew up, our parents liked our friend’s scores and habits better than ours, when we grew up still more, we liked their life better than ours, their college better than ours, their jobs better than ours, their cars and houses better than ours and sometimes even their spouses better than ours.

We covet what we can’t or don’t have, have been since time immemorial and will continue till our breed exists.
Aren’t we super annoyed when our parents go on about how dutiful their friend’s children are as compared to us, the thugs?
But can we reply back saying, yeah take a look at how cool my friend’s parents are, allowing him sleepovers and late nightouts and fun trips with friends? No right, because 8 times out of 10 that will just bury you into more disciplinary and moral lectures about not coveting others benefits.
Be it a kid or an adult, the life we lead never seems good enough does it? We always find someone whose life we think is better than ours, who’s hurdles seem less troubling than ours and we envy those things about that person, wishing under a full moon, why can’t my life be that way!

You know how maths is a big problem for most us, while for some its English or  some other such subject?
Life is like that, while what may not seem such a big problem to you, for that person it may be the biggest hurdle of their life, because each of us are different, our opinions are different, what we went through in life and what we learned from it is different. So what may seem like a smooth sail from your side of the cruise may be a rocky one for the person actually sailing in those waters.
We always find the things we have owned or the people we have been for the longest time with boring or tacky or uneventful but another word for all these feelings is, comfortable, known and full of memories.

A lot of people say we only get as much as God knows we can handle, both trouble and joy.
What may seem like an expensive Prada coat to you may be something that is hiding all the scars underneath it, a Jimmy choo sandal worn as beautifully as it can be, cutting in the skin of it’s owner.
We always see the faults in everything we own or in our lives very quickly and easily but others can’t see them, and just like that, you can’t see the fault in their stars too.

You can’t own everything you covet, nor can you live every life you’re envious of, so wouldn’t it better if you just liked everything yours just a little bit more and enjoy it while it all lasts? Because what awaits us, is never really known to us is it.

To each his own
What may seem like emerald
Can’t ever not be just mold.

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