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Did you know that close to 10% of homeowners have a pool?

Whether you’re lucky enough to have your own private pool or you can plan regular trips to a public one, no one can deny how much fun swimming is at all ages. While floating around and soaking up the sun is wonderful, you can take your pool time to the next level by playing swimming pool games.

Are you ready to learn how you can make the most out of your outdoor leisure time? Keep reading for 9 fun swimming pool games for adults and kids alike.

1. Pool Volleyball

Volleyball is always one of the best games to play in a swimming pool because any number of people can play and everyone can participate equally. While you will have to buy a net and volleyball that are designed for the pool, it’ll be money well spent once you see how often people will want to play.

Whether you play daring one-on-one games or round up the crew for a big volleyball party, the players are guaranteed to get pumped up to win.

2. Treasure Hunt

Diving underwater is like entering a magical world, so why not take this fun to the next level by setting up a treasure hunt? There are plenty of swimming pool toys and games that you can buy to keep your treasure hunt simple or you can even toss in items like coins that people will have to find and bring back to the surface.

It’s important to make sure that your pool is clean so swimmers can have maximum visibility underwater. Working with businesses like 1poolcare.com.au will keep your pool in top shape.

3. Underwater Hoop Obstacle Course

If you’re in the mood to glide like a mermaid, then you can never go wrong with an underwater hoop obstacle course. By holding hula hoops at different depths that vary in size, you can challenge all your friends to see who can clear the obstacle course fastest or with the most grace.

Pay close attention to see if anyone bumps into the hula hoops because then you can deduct points from their final score.

4. Marco Polo

When it comes to all the classic pool party games out there, nothing is more iconic than Marco Polo. This game involves choosing someone to be It. They close their eyes and yell out “Marco” while all the other players reply “Polo.”

The goal is for the person who’s It to tag the other players while always keeping their eyes closed. The trickiest part is sneaking past the person who’s It without being heard or felt. The first unlucky person to get tagged then becomes It.

5. Float Race

With so many cute and silly pool floats on the market, you’ll have no trouble building an amazing collection. To showcase your floats, you can set up a race where players choose their float and try to make it across the pool first.

While you can feel free to set up any rules you want to make the race as tricky as you want, the main goal should be that no one is allowed to fall off their float.

6. Noodle Jousting

Once you’re finished with your float races, you should keep the floats around for some noodle jousting. Players will hop on their floats and prepare for battle with one pool noodle.

To win, you’ll have to knock your opponent off their float by only using your noodle. Since noodles are soft, you won’t have to worry about others getting hurt unlike other games like Chicken that are more dangerous.

7. Atomic Whirlpool

One of the most magical activities you can do in the pool is create a whirlpool that sweeps everyone away. To make a powerful whirlpool, you’ll need a decent crowd.

To do this, have everyone stand in a line in the shallow end. As a group, you’ll start walking around the perimeter of the shallow end while picking up as much speed as you can. After a minute or two, everyone can turn around at the same time and try to walk in the opposite direction.

You’ll notice that the whirlpool will make it almost impossible to move! Try to keep your feet off the ground and let the whirlpool whisk you away.

8. Octopus

Octopus is another type of pool game that’s most exciting when you have a lot of people around to participate. To play, one person will start as the octopus and hang out in the middle of the pool. They’ll have to stay in one spot while all the players swim across and try to avoid the octopus.

If players are tagged, then they’ll have to link up with the octopus and work to tag more swimmers. The last person to avoid becoming part of the octopus is the winner.

9. Wet T-Shirt Race

If you’ve ever tried swimming with clothes on before, you know how goofy and difficult the task is. This means that gathering your friends for a wet t-shirt race will lead to lots of laughs.

You can have solo races where everyone competes against each other or you can form relay teams. With this style, each teammate has to swim across, take the t-shirt off, and hand it off to the next teammate to race across the pool.

Are You Ready to Have a Blast With These Swimming Pool Games?

As you can see, there are so many amazing swimming pool games you can choose from to please any crowd. No matter which activity you pick, you and your friends are guaranteed to share lots of laughs and create beautiful memories.

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