Visit Kolkata To Try Some Mouth Watering Foods

6 Mouth-Watering Foods to Try When You Visit Kolkata

Kolkata is also known as the Cultural Capital of India and is loved by foodies, especially those who love sweets. Bengali sweets don’t need any introduction. However, spicy and tempting street foods also attract locals and tourists.

If you plan to visit this well-connected city from Bangalore, you can get many flights from Bangalore to Kolkata. Also, most of the cities of India have direct flights to Kolkata. You can check the flight information on the internet.

In this article, we are about to introduce you to some spicy dishes of Kolkata, which will surely compel you to visit this beautiful city once.

Must Taste Dishes Of Kolkata Min

1. Puchkas

Puchkas, also known as pani puri in other parts of the country, is loved by most food lovers. Taste the street Kolkata food like papri chaat, phuckas, dum aloo and dahi phuckas, and you will surely become a fan of these. If you are lucky enough, you may find Tollywood celebrities lined up for these tangy street foods. Churmur is another dish that belongs to the puchkas family, which is hard to resist. Mixed with spicy and sweet masala, tamarind pulp, potatoes and papris, Churmur is enough to make your day.

2. Kathi Rolls at Zaika, Park Street

Very few of us know that Kathi Rolls, which are now available all over India, were firstly invented in Kolkata. A shop named Zaika holds the credit for this mouth-watering dish in which delicious stuffing is wrapped in thin roti. Although stuffing can vary as per the taste of every city, authentic Kathi rolls are still made at Zaika.

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3. Luchi and Alu Dom at Fairlie Place

Fairlie Place is the business district of the city. Here you can find the crowd of professionals wearing formals and talking over the phone or gossiping about businesses. This street is full of local eatery joints selling everything right, from the full meal to chats. However, this place is well-known for Lucchi and Alu Dom. Luchi is like puris, while Dum Aloo is called Alu Dom in Bengali. Fairlie Place makes the best Alu Dom in the city. Tourists can also try Kachoris, Fish Curry and Rice at this place. Name any sweet, and most probably you can find that at this place.

Luchi And Alu Dom At Fairlie Place Min

4. Ghugni Chaat at Dacre Lane

This is the well-known lane in Kolkata and contains every dish which you may want to try. Right from Punjabi to Chinese and all Bengali dishes, you can have a bit of everything. Chowmein, luchi-alu dom, Schezwan chicken, Ghugni Puchkas, fish roll, Jhali Muri are some of the lip-smacking dishes you can try. Also, WHO has rated the food of this street as one of the best street foods in the world.

5. Samosas at Tiwari Brothers’ shop

If you are more fond of tea than coffee, visit Tiwari Brothers’ shop for ‘special chai’ with piping samosas. This must-try delicious combination is famous in Kolkata, and tourists from all over India visit this shop for a great evening.

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6. Momos at Rabindra Sadan

Momos is a famous Tibetan cuisine, and the best place to enjoy it in Kolkata is the Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit. Complemented with hot soup and perfect sauces, these momos are mouth-watering snacks for everyone. With many colleges and offices in the vicinity, this shop always remains crowded with students and office goers. These breathtaking momos are available at low prices, which increase the craving of food lovers.

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