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There’s nothing like a family trip to bring everyone closer together.

Unfortunately, family adventure travel can bring on stress for everyone involved, too.

So whether you travel with kids or it’s just you and your spouse, a little foresight and planning can go a long way.

Here are some tips for bringing the family closer together and avoiding stress.

Book Everything Ahead of Time

Stress comes from feelings of uncertainty. All the best family adventure travel tips stem from good planning. If you eliminate uncertainty, you’ll alleviate stress.

Booking everything you need ahead of time is a great way to start that process.

Once you set a date, get everything else taken care of right away. Book a house sitter, pet sitter, and any necessary appointments that need to be made for your trip.

For example, if you’re going overseas and need visas, get that appointment scheduled right away.

Buy and Pack the Necessities Early

Think about what needs to come with you to make your trip a success. No really, ask yourself: What needs to come with?

Identifying the necessary items first and purchasing the things you need will alleviate a ton of stress prior to your trip. And remember “want” to bring is different than need.

Things like weather-appropriate clothes, valid passports, chargers, cameras, and yes, food and snacks, are things you can, and should, check off your list early. That way you aren’t left scrambling in the days leading up to your trip.

Practice Healthy Habits

In the days and hours leading up to your trip, remember to take a breath. The kids are no doubt excited, but you still have to land the plane on your real-life before you can mentally put yourself on vacation.

A fight or boiling tension can easily make the start of the trip, well, forgettable. So be sure to practice self-care stress-relieving habits like exercise, proper hydration, and mindfulness or alert breathing in the days leading up to your vacation.

And if you need a reason to smile amidst the chaos, remember that the best memories are about to be made!

Stick to Your Budget

Pricey vacations are awesome, but it’s hard to enjoy even the best luxuries when you know you’ll pay for them later. Setting a budget can go a long way towards alleviating stress and tension about a trip.

Sit down with your spouse, or offer to take the lead and handle it on your own. Identify how much money you have to spend on the trip and average that out per day. This is a rough guideline you can use to stick to for the duration of your travels.

Build in Extra Time

Feeling rushed doesn’t just add stress. It makes a vacation feel like anything but a reprieve from the real world.

Some people are very ambitious travelers. Remember to take a breath with your schedule and planning, add in a few lighter days and give yourself time to actually get wherever you’re going.

Family Adventure Travel Tips

The best family adventure travel leaves memories for everyone to enjoy for years to come. Use these tips to set yourself up for an amazing trip and leave stress where it belongs—at home!

For more family and stress alleviation tips, check out our blog. Enjoy your trip!

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