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Wanting a little extra help but aren’t sure where to start?

Choosing a therapist may be the option for you! A therapist’s job is to support your mental health while encouraging you to grow.

However, you may be wondering what to look for when choosing a therapist. There are group practices, private practices, and academic therapists, too. But, with many choices of therapists come many decisions!

When searching for your first therapist, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What Does the Therapist Specialize in?

Though therapists can treat several different issues, it may be best to find one that deals specifically with what you are struggling with.

First, list out your symptoms and what you would like help with. Then, do a quick search to find therapists in your area that treat clients with those items!

Various specialization categories include:

  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Personality disorders
  • Grief healing
  • Relational healing
  • Panic disorders
  • Addiction

You may need help with more than one of these areas. That’s ok, too! When choosing a therapist, you’ll find many have more than one specific area they work in.

Another opportunity is to visit a detox and retreat center. These facilities have multiple therapists onsite to help with any issues that clients may be struggling with. They also have around-the-clock care for any occasion that arises.

Some resources for detox centers include https://malibudetox.com/treatments/, americanaddictioncenters.org, and detox.net.

What are the Therapist’s Credentials?

After finding a few choices of therapists, it’s time to look at their experience!

Many therapists will display their credentials online. This would include where they went to school, where they’ve worked before, and how long they’ve been in the profession.

If the therapist in question goes to a teaching university, they may be practicing before graduating from college. These therapists are learning and practicing all at once. They receive feedback from professors regularly.

A therapist-in-training may be a good fit for you if you like trying new ideas and are open to modern healing methods. Therapists in school have direct access to top-of-the-line teaching. They are more likely to practice newer methods and ideas.

If you’re looking for a more seasoned therapist, though, look at their experience listed. But keep in mind, more years of experience does not mean better therapy provided!

The most important thing to look for in this step is the places the therapists have practiced. Do those institutions and locations have similar values to you? If so, you can decide whether this therapist would be a good fit or not!

Be sure that the therapist is licensed to practice in your area.

How Much Does a Therapist Cost?

Costs of therapy vary from region to region.

Many therapists cost anywhere from $40 – $150 per hour of treatment.

If you have insurance, your price could be lower. You can also look for therapists with a sliding scale. This means you pay for therapy based on your income!

There are numerous options for paying for therapy. Chat with a few therapists to see what rates they offer and if they can negotiate a cost with you!

Choosing a Therapist

Ready to take the leap?

Choosing a therapist doesn’t have to hard!

Search therapists in your area today and set up a consultation. And don’t rule out detox and retreat centers, you may need to reset and rejuvenate!

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