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Noise levels from transportation affect 97% of the population. You may have noticed a break in the noise during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

That noise level has a lot to do with a vehicle’s exhaust system. You might think of the exhaust only as a way to clear gasses from the car and away from you. It turns out that there’s a bit more to the system than that.

What does an exhaust do?

Read on to find out what an exhaust system is and how it works in your car.

What Does an Exhaust Do?

At the most basic level, an exhaust system takes noxious gases from an engine through a pipeline and to the outside of the car.

There are other functions of the exhaust system that you may not be aware of. An exhaust system can reduce the noise of your engine, making your ride more comfortable. It can also give your car better performance and gas mileage.

How Does Exhaust Work?

Here’s how the exhaust system is laid out. It may vary slightly by car model, but this will give you a general idea as to how the system works.

Your engine produces several types of gasses. Three of them are deadly. These are nitrogen monoxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide.

These gasses are taken from the engine’s cylinders at each cylinder head and go into the exhaust manifold. This is a part that attaches to each cylinder and then funnels the exhaust generated by the engine to the rest of the system’s pipeline.

The pipeline includes a catalytic converter, which converts some of the noxious gasses into a gas that doesn’t have a chemical reaction with anything else (inert gas).

The exhaust fumes then travel to the muffler, which quiets the moving gases and engine noise. The gases then leave the muffler and go through the tailpipe to the outside of the vehicle.

Improving Your Exhaust Systems

As noted earlier, your exhaust system can have a big impact on performance. The faster your exhaust system can remove fumes from the car, the easier it is for your engine to work freely.

Your engine won’t get choked by noxious fumes, making it work harder to eat up more fuel to run efficiently. There are aftermarket systems like the ones from HKS Exhaust.

There are some to give your car a racing feel by having a louder muffler, or there are others that are designed for turbo performance. You want to choose your priorities before you buy an exhaust system.

The question is, do you want to improve performance, or do you want to attract attention? Once you know what you want your exhaust to do, you can by one based on your priority.

The Importance of an Exhaust System

It’s easy to overlook the fact that an exhaust system does so much more than funnel gasses from your engine.

What does an exhaust do? It can improve your car’s performance and get the attention of your neighborhood. You can give your car the performance and sound of a racing car.

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