Exciting Career Tends You Need To Know About

4 Exciting Career Trends You Need To Know About

Even if you’ve emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic unscathed, chances are that it’s given you a whole new perspective on life, work and what’s really important in life.

And you might well be wondering whether the high stress levels and low satisfaction associated with your current job are worth it in the grand scheme of things.

But the problem with a career migration is deciding what your destination will be – it’s especially hard when you’ve been in a certain vocation for several years and felt dissatisfied but never formulated a realistic escape plan.

One way to get those little grey cells working is to consider alternative career choices. We’re talking about jobs that will make you wish for Monday mornings instead of being consumed by the ‘Sunday fear’ here!

Sounds good?

Here are five exciting career trends you need to know about.

1. Stuntperson

Always had a penchant for The Fall Guy? Us too.

But being a stunt person doesn’t have to be a childish fantasy – with a stuntman course at The International Stunt School, you can learn how to fly through the air, set fire to yourself, jump between two helicopters, surf on a dog and all manner of amazing things!

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2. Digital marketer

If you’ve got an eye for design, a way with words, are social media savvy or are interested in topics like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), being a digital marketer might be the cool career choice you’ve been yearning for.

If this sounds interesting, an online digital marketing BSc with ARU Distance Learning could make for a smooth transition.

3. Social media influencer

Once sneered at for not having ‘proper jobs’, top social media influencers are now coining it in by promoting every type of product from fitted kitchens and home décor to tech and high street fashion.

If you’ve got an interesting backstory, amiable personality and bags of confidence, this is another excellent career.

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4. Gardener

Being a gardener can be lucrative, especially in a niche like landscaping or as a green-fingered TV plant-whisperer.

And while most everyday gardeners might not be millionaires, they’re regularly rated as some of the happiest workers. And no wonder – surrounded by all that gorgeous greenery all day. If this sounds superb, check out these gardening vocation tips from the National Careers Service.

So there you have them – five exciting career tips that could have you jumping for joy when you’re getting ready for work.

And if you simply can’t choose between your favourites, why not combine two?

Being a private detective/gardener sounds rather exhilarating indeed!

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