Have You Ever Wondered What Life Would Be Like Without Automation?

It seems as though everyone has their own opinion about how automation is affecting their lives, but have you ever wondered what life would be like without it? Although you will hear workers expressing their fears that automation will put them out of jobs, perhaps they didn’t consider what automated processes could do to make their jobs easier. The following are some of the ways automation has affected our lives so that you can come up with your own conclusions.

A Significant Reduction in Waste

One of the main problems in the manufacturing sector has always been quality control which led to a great deal of waste. With more processes being automated, products can be manufactured to exact specifications and human error can be all but eliminated. With firms like Australia’s JADE Engineering designing and training CNC Machining, companies can expect to reduce human error on production lines which will lead to a higher level of quality control.

Lower Production Costs Equate to Price Reduction for Consumers

Once waste has been reduced significantly, production costs are lowered as a result. This will lead to lower costs for consumers and that is something we can all be happy about. However, here is where most workers are concerned. With computer-controlled production lines, workers are afraid of being put out of a job. This may be true some of the time, but those workers who were not performing up to company standards would have been their own demise anyway. Those workers who exhibited a high level of competence would simply be trained in other areas, such as line maintenance and oversight.

Greater Security at Home and at Work

Automated security systems are on the rise. Now homeowners and businesses can set parameters for their security systems so that they come on and turn off at prespecified times. In fact, one of the problems with motion sensors, for example, can be eliminated by setting parameters for sounding an alarm if the sensor spots movement at predesignated heights and size. This would mean that a house cat jumping on the porch wouldn’t trigger the alarm while you were asleep, but a fully-grown man would set the alarms blaring. The same types of parameters could be set at commercial sites and with automated cameras able to trigger alarms as well, there is no need to sit there monitoring the grounds 24/7.

More Time for Interpersonal Relationships

This is probably one of the best ways in which automation can give us a better quality of life. Once you can automate everything from climate control to lights and security systems in the home, you will have more time to spend with other people. One of the main issues consumers have had with technology is that it has enabled too many people to choose online communications rather than enjoying the people in their lives. That would be a problem at any time, but that isn’t the fault of automation. There are other reasons people literally live online and automation isn’t one of them!

Whether you are seeking ways to be more productive at work by reducing human error or are simply seeking to make life easier and more secure at home, automation will continue to play an ever-greater role as time goes on. Even having expressed some of the above concerns, there is one thing most people look forward to and that would be an easier lifestyle with greater freedom. That’s what automation can do for you.

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