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Enthusiasm means “source or cause of great excitement or interest”.The enthusiastic person wants all the good feelings, relationships ans success they already have and more. The enthusiastic person shouts out that life is good,enjoyable and worthwhile, a blessing and a treasure. The enthusiastic person longs to continue living life to the fullest, and looks forward to sharing life’s joy with their loved ones.
The enthusiastic person feels that they have achieved good things and look forward to accomplish more. The enthusiastic person finds meaning and purpose in life. The enthusiastic person faces life with cheerful optimism and confidence,for life is a journey through a delightful and sometimes surprising world. The enthusiastic person sees love everywhere,waiting to share. The enthusiastic person is always looking forward, always has lots of things they can’t wait to do. While others admit defeat the enthusiastic person redoubles their effort, for they have confidence in their ability to succeed. The enthusiastic person are easy to recognize” they are the one walking in the newness of life”.
Anenthusiasma- the absence of enthusiasm can be a terrible disease. Assume the virtue of enthusiasm. Walk enthusiastically,Talk enthusiastically, Think enthusiastically and Act enthusiastically. In no time you will be an Enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is more precious than gold or silver, status, power or possession. Without enthusiasm, all your gold is worthless rock, your power a chore and your possessions uninteresting. It’s enthusiasm that makes everything you do in life is worthless. The secret to enthusiasm can be summed up in two words: Act enthusiastic.
Imagine yourself walking with the bounce in your step. Feel the enthusiasm energizing your body, mind and spirit.
Keep a smile on your face.speak and move with enthusiastic energy all day long. Walk, talk, act and behave enthusiastically. In no time at all you will be enthusiastic!! Good cheer, conference, trust, determination, boldness, justifiable pride, willingness to give and love: these are some of the parts of enthusiasm. Each by itself is a virtue.
Together they form enthusiasm, and the whole they make is greater the sum of their goodly parts .!!

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