Most Effective Ways You Can Deter Hackers

5 Most Effective Ways You Can Deter Security Breaches

Cybersecurity was once an optional extra for many, but now it’s a must-have, especially for business owners and freelancers.

With that being said, a lot of cybersecurity doesn’t require fancy tech – although that is needed too – instead, requiring better practice from those using devices.

You can also benefit from one-off services that will help you address potential cybersecurity threats before they occur.

But whether it’s systems, equipment, practices or services, what’s important is that you do something because doing nothing can lead to an incident where a hacker may gain access to your assets and information.

So here are 5 ways that you can strengthen your cybersecurity, be it for yourself, or for a business of any size.

1. Password Protection

First and foremost, do you handle your passwords properly? Often simple mistakes can compromise your data.

For example, sending your password through an unsecured channel like a messenger group chat could lead to it getting into the hands of a malicious attacker.

Are your passwords saved somewhere that can be accessed by more than one person online such as a google doc? Again, this is essentially giving away access to your online accounts for free.

Password protection also means having a strong password, “daughtersname123” can be figured out quite easily. Try a random password generator.

2. Work/Home Devices

Mixing your work and home devices is just asking for trouble. It offers a goldmine that hackers will target as they could potentially steal both your personal assets and your work’s assets.

Even if you work from home, bring home your workplace devices and never log into your social media accounts from it.

If you work as a freelancer, a work and home computer may seem like a hefty investment, but ultimately, it will be worth it in order to protect you and your clients.

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3. Pentesting

If you are in a position that gets targeted regularly by attackers, for example, the owner of an SMB (Small and Medium Business) you may want to consider investing in penetration testing.

This involves ethical hackers attempting to breach your systems, they won’t damage anything or attempt to take assets, they’ll just look for a way in.

If they are successful, they will be able to let you know how they were able to breach your system, offering you a roadmap to address weak points before a real hacker can gain access.

4. Firewalls

Every business should have a firewall, it’s a quick purchase and an effective deterrent, as a hacker’s time would be wasted trying to access it.

While firewalls aren’t 100% effective, they do handle malware well and are often enough to dissuade attackers, especially if you combine it with good password protection.

They can be a cost-effective solution too, as you can pick up high-quality refurbished firewalls from top manufacturers like Cisco at retailers such as ETB Technologies.

5. Alerts

You can set up an alert that will allow you to react to attacks straight away, this can help you minimise any damage.

If a hacker sees you responding to an attack and denying them further access, they may also be hesitant to attack again. Demonstrating you are proactive when faced with a  cybersecurity threat is sometimes enough to dissuade further attack attempts.

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At A Glance

There are a number of ways that attackers can be deterred, but the best way to keep your software and data safe is a combination of deterrents.

With many being cost-effective there’s really no reason that you shouldn’t bolster your cybersecurity today.

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