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Did you know that the highest number of comic book sales in a single month occurred in June 2016 and cost a total of $58 million? Marvel continues to hold first place as the highest-selling company responsible for more than 46% of the sales in 2019. 

You might be interested in creating a comic book series as popular as Marvel. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to make a comic book. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Crystalize Your Idea First 

If you’re wondering how to start a comic series you should first finalize your ideas for the series. While it’s great to have all kinds of stories in mind, you want your first book to have a central story. 

Choosing one story will allow you to fully flesh out your characters and the world they’re living in. 

2. Do the Writing Next 

Learning how to write a comic is the next step in the process. Once you know what your story will focus on you can start writing your script. 

Fleshing out the plot will help you develop arcs for every character and will make the drawing process easier. Focus on developing a setting, characters, plot, and theme for your comic series.

3. Create a Draft of the Layout

The important part of learning how to make a comic is creating a layout of your book after writing an initial script. Once you know how your story starts and ends you can start planning out how it will look on each page. 

You can start drawing some rough sketches of what the characters and world of the comic will look like. This can help you rework any part of your series before you sit down to draw. 

4. Draw Your Comics

When figuring out how to draw a comic, it helps to choose the tools that feel most authentic to you. You might feel most comfortable drawing by hand or digitally. 

Remember to use your rough drafts to help you draw your comics and color them for the final presentation. 

5. Get Your Book Printed 

You’ll feel like you’ve become a comic artist once you get your book printed and you can hold a copy of it in your hands. It’s important to choose a printing company that’ll work with you to get the correct finish and size. 

Choose a company that has experience with art book printing and will provide the highest quality color for a beautiful finished product. 

6. Share It With the World

Start a comic by brainstorming your ideas and finalizing your story and finish it by sharing it with the world. The power of social media can help you market your new comic book and gain an audience. You can sell your book online too. 

Learn How to Make a Comic Book Today

Learning how to make a comic book might seem overwhelming but if you follow the steps in this guide you’ll find the process of creating the comic book of your dreams simple. Make sure to check out some of the other blogs on our site if you found this one helpful. 

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