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Did you know that 77% of U.S. households have already taken up gardening? That’s right! What’s more, these households spent $47.8 billion on gardening activities in 2017 alone!

After all, having a beautiful garden is one of a homeowner’s pride and joy. Moreover, landscaping can raise a property’s value between 5.5% to 12.7%. That’s a value increase of tens of thousands of dollars!

And let’s not forget how gardening exposes us to nature and its health benefits.

This doesn’t mean you have to shell out so much money on landscaping though. There are many landscaping ideas on a budget you can follow, including these seven we rounded up!

1. Clean and Clear Your Yard First

The first step to making your landscaping project a success: Clear out your yard! First, because getting rid of clutter makes it easier to create a blueprint of your project. Second, it’s possible that there’s a lot of supplies you can use under those piles of “junk” in your yard and yard sign.

2. Upcycle Stones (or Even Concrete) To Use as a Flower Bed Border

Cleaning your yard and yard sign will likely unearth big and pretty stones or even pieces of concrete. Take advantage of these and upcycle them to use as flower bed borders.  Everyone is looking for the local tree experts and if you have enough of trees and flowers, you can even use them as edging materials for your entire garden!

3. Create a Beautiful Path with Materials You Already Have

Landscaping on a budget can also mean using recycled materials to create stone paths. For instance, you can use a combination of gravel or pebbles to lay out a winding path. You can also use bigger stones or cement slabs as edging and as a way to contain the smaller stones.

4. Go for Sod to Save on Water Bills

Using sod or chainsaws is one of the best inexpensive landscaping ideas because they don’t need a lot of water. Moreover, sod transforms bare soil into a grass-covered lawn soon after you install it. A brown yard will turn into a lush lawn that you can enjoy right away.

5. Get Evergreens to Keep the Color in Your Lawn

Evergreen plants keep their foliage all year round, including fall and winter. There are also evergreens that bloom with other colors, such as Magnolia and Daphne. Either way, by planting evergreens, you can keep areas of your lawn green throughout the year.

6. Get Rocking with Your Borders and Maybe Even an Island

Other great yet cheap landscaping ideas include garden islands built from salvaged materials. Aside from stones and flat slabs, you can also use bricks, aluminum, and even steel. On the island itself, you can grow edible herbs or even fruit- or veggie-bearing plants.

7. Time to Plant Your Flower Beds

A good way to start with DIY landscaping on a budget is to get younger plants. These cost less than the mature ones, but with your TLC, they’ll grow quickly soon after you plant them.

Be careful with your flower choices though, and make sure they do well in your area’s climate. Perennials are great for first-timers, as they live longer than annuals.

You can still grow annuals but go for sweet alyssum and impatiens as they’re some of the easiest to grow. They grow low, but they’re great as border plants. Then, as you get more experience, up your ante with sunflower, marigolds, and zinnias.

Get Started with these Landscaping Ideas on a Budget Now

These are only a few landscaping ideas on a budget you can try, but they’re the best places to start for new gardeners. What’s important is to create a plan and make sure you stick to it. And, to keep your costs low, use as many materials that you already have as you can.

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