3 Different Types of Toys That Kids Are in Love With Today

The U.S. market for the toy industry hit 32.6 billion dollars in revenue in 2020. In today’s toy market, there is an abundance of toys to choose from for your child. So where do you begin finding the perfect toy for their age and development stage?

Not only do you want an age-appropriate toy, but you’ll also want to get them something they enjoy! That way you spend your money on something that provides value and entertainment for your child.

We can help! Keep reading for a look into the various types of toys that kids love today, as well as the trustworthy toy companies you can count on.

Types of Toys for Kids

The main categories of children’s toys are development toys, cause and effect toys, sensory toys, and puzzle toys. Each of these types of toys teaches different skills to the child.

There are puzzle toys appropriate for children of all ages. They teach and develop concentration, recognition, and fine motor skills. From wooden block puzzles for toddlers to jigsaw puzzles for school-age children, there’s a puzzle out there for your child!

Development toys can teach problem-solving and creativity. Consider building toys like Legos or logs. Or even a musical game to develop motor skills with dancing and singing!

Cause and effect toys are great for older children looking for more complex toys to capture their attention. These toys have buttons, levers, or tabs that trigger a resulting action/movement when pressed. These toys help develop logic and coordination.

Best Toy Companies to Trust

When searching for the best toys, you’ll want to find a manufacturer with a reputation for safety, reliability, and popularity with kids. Here are some of the best toy companies to consider.

Two of the biggest names in the toy industry are Mattel and Hasbro. Mattel is responsible for favorites like Barbie, Hot Wheels, and baby toys under the Fisher-Price name. Hasbro, on the other hand, created Nerf and Play-doh, one of the most popular creative toys.

Must-Have Toys of the Season

Let’s take a look at today’s most popular toys by age group. For toddlers, consider the corn popper. This toy encourages movement in a toddler’s early walking days while keeping them engaged with a fun sound. Also consider toddler slides, plush toys, or playsets featuring characters from their favorite films or TV shows.

Young kids ages 5-10 will love more challenging toys. Lego building sets engage the mind, while creative toys like the Rainbow Sandland entertain for hours!

Don’t count out board games; there are options out there for all ages! Group games can teach teamwork skills and create family bonding opportunities.

Find the Best Children’s Toys for Your Tike

A perfect toy has the perfect balance of education and entertainment. You may have to experiment with a few types of toys to find the right match for your child. But along the way, they’ll build necessary life skills and healthily develop.

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