5 Dental Practice Marketing Tips to Help You Grow Your Business

Many small or local businesses struggle with marketing themselves.

If it isn’t your primary industry, it is likely you don’t have a great deal of experience or expertise in a certain area.

However, marketing yourself is an essential task for every business. Here, we take a look at dental practice marketing and how you can make your local practice visible to potential clients in order to grow your dental practice.

1. Local SEO

You may have heard of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization before, but it’s ok if you aren’t sure what exactly it means.

SEO is essentially how search engines like Google figure out what websites to display in response to a given search.

Learning how people search and how to attract a search engine’s attention is, therefore, an important part of improving your online visibility.

This is especially true on a local level because you don’t need your dental practice to feature highly in a general search for dentists on the other side of the planet, but you do want it to show up for those in your local area and community.

2. Utilize Digital and Print Marketing

Both digital and print marketing have pros and cons. It can be difficult to gain traction online and build an effective presence in a short space of time. It can also be expensive to pay for social media marketing, but if you do have a good online presence, you will appear in the first place people look for any service nowadays, online!

Print marketing is an excellent way to get the attention of the local community either with leaflet drops or a banner or poster somewhere visible. However, print can be costly too and requires manual labor and excessive materials that are likely to go in the trash.

Neither option is perfect, but both used together can get you the best results, at least as you begin the process of marketing your dental practice.

3. Build Your Reputation Online

At the heart of any form of marketing is the customer, and dental marketing requires the same focus.

There are plenty of websites where people can review services, and making sure that you are a healthy part of that conversation is vital.

Find reviews of your business online, interact positively with good and bad reviews and make sure you don’t fade into the background of the conversation about your practice.

4. Make Use of Google Business Pages

Google My Business and other services are a great way to take control of your online presence. You can update opening times, link your website and even get reviews on your official listing.

It’s like the yellow pages online and it can help you to get found as well as being an active part of the community.

5. Learn to Read Analytics

Analytics may sound scary, but it is essential for making the most of your marketing campaigns.

Most social platforms have analytics built-in and you can find some free tools to help understand them in a pinch, but we recommend turning to professionals for this one.

When it comes to dental website design and optimizing your marketing, the professionals will get you started strong. They can train you on how to understand analytics and act responsively to ensure you have the best results.

The Best Dental Practice Marketing Strategy

There is no one way to perform the best dental practice marketing, but there are many things that you can do to make your practice stand out. Follow the above steps to drive your business forward.

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