Home office with custom standing desk Home office with custom standing desk

Many people have chosen to work from home. Freelancers, for example, have been working from home for many years. Working from home allows you to have better control of your time. You can design your working schedule to accommodate other aspects of your life such as family and hobbies.

Moreover, working from home boosts your productivity. And you will also save money since you don’t need to commute. You don’t need to wear business attire either. Work what’s comfortable and begin working when you deem it convenient. Because of all these advantages, more and more people want to set up a home office.

If you already work with this modality, you can consider upgrading your home office. For instance, you can add a custom standing desk to alleviate some of the health problems caused by sitting for a long time. Such a piece of furniture will make your home office more ergonomic and comfortable. Does it sound interesting? Read on and learn more about this type of desk.

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What Is a Standing Desk?

First of all, let’s explain what a standing desk is. This is a piece of office furniture that allows adapting the height of the working space. This means that with a standing desk, you can work in the sitting and standing positions. Automated standing desks allow adjusting the height with the press of a button. An electromechanical system lifts up or down the desk as commanded by the user.

You may wonder, why should I work while standing? Well, scientific studies have demonstrated that sitting for many hours a day can be detrimental to your health. Hence, a standing desk helps you to counter those health problems. Some of the benefits of having a standing desk in your home office are:

  • Lower risk of gaining weight and suffering from obesity;
  • A lower level of blood sugar;
  • Lower risk of heart disease;
  • Fewer back problems;
  • Better mood and a positive mental attitude to work.

All the above factors contribute to lengthening your life expectancy. Moreover, they also help to boost your productivity, which translated into higher monetary earning.

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How to Get a Custom Standing Desk?

As implied by its name, a custom standing desk is made to meet your specifications for size, style, and functionality. A ‘standard’ office desk is usually 150 cm long, 70 cm broad, and 75 cm high. With a custom standing desk, the height can vary from 75 cm for the sitting position up to 100 cm or more for standing.

You can design the size and shape of the optimal desk for the space available in your home office. Then, you can commission a specialized company to build the standing desk to your specifications. However, if you are a DIY type, you can build your own standing desk. Look for a company that offers frames, tabletops, and accessories to build this type of desk. Usually, they sell kits that allow you to ensemble a standing desk more easily.

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