Why Low Voltage Distribution System Is Important

5 Crucial Reasons Why Low Voltage Distribution System is Important

Electric power is often a technical term that begins at power generation plants and ends at consumers’ homes. In between, there are miles of power transmission lines carrying electricity of over thousands of voltages, which are then distributed to secondary transmission lines and transformers. The transformers then distribute the power to end-users at homes, offices, and buildings. 

An electric distribution system ensures that the power delivered to your home is safe and ready to use. While there are two types of distribution systems, most cities and rural areas use low voltage distribution systems. 

What is a Low Voltage Distribution System?

It is a complex network of equipment that helps deliver safe and pocket-friendly electricity to homes and businesses. Usually, high voltage current is transformed to make it consumable for people. This ensures electric devices receive ample electricity without overloading them or burning the gadgets. 

A low voltage distribution system can range from the fire alarm to security and data cables, depending on the requirements. 

What Equipment Do You Need in Low Voltage Distribution System?

A low voltage distribution system requires multiple devices to distribute, convert, protect, and supply electricity within the system. Typically, a low voltage distribution system operates within 600 volts. The equipment includes: 

  • Substations: to receive high-voltage electricity from transmission lines.
  • Switchboards consist of circuit breakers and load break switches. 
  • Step down transformers to convert high-voltage electricity into low-voltage electricity. 
  • Fuse boards to protect distribution cables. 
  • Service entrance equipment devices with the end-user (home, residential, or commercial buildings). 

Types of Low Voltage Distribution System

Typically, there are two types of low voltage distribution systems:

  • Single Phase loads: Operated at 230 volts, single-phase loads are ideal for small home appliances, such as fans, bulbs, TV, etc. 
  • Three Phase loads: Operated at 415 volts, three-phase loads are ideal for large appliances, such as drilling machines, multiple ACs, etc. 

Top benefits of Low Voltage Distribution System

Now that you know what a low voltage distribution system is, the equipment required, and the different types, let’s understand the top benefits of the system.

1 – Safety

Since the voltage running through the electrical appliances in your home is relatively low, the chances of serious electrical issues (shock, blast, burns, etc.) are minimal. At the same time, it ensures you get an ample amount of electricity to run everything smoothly. 

2 – Versatility

A low voltage distribution system does not necessarily mean that the voltage is very low. In fact, it is enough to power various appliances that don’t require high voltage. This allows you to choose from a varied list of lights, fans, and other creative appliances to decorate the home and even outdoors. For instance, you can choose multiple smaller bulbs to decorate your living room wall—all without worrying about voltage issues. 

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3- Long Lifespan

Unlike high-voltage distribution systems that require replacement every few years, low-voltage distribution systems have a long lifespan. Even the appliances that are used have a long lifespan. Take LED, for example. When compared with incandescent and halogen bulbs, LEDs last at least a few more years. Plus, they are cost-efficient and provide better lighting than those bulbs. 

4- Support Environment

Having a low voltage distribution system means you will be using less electricity. These systems help conserve energy, thereby saving the Environment. At the same time, you will save money on your electric bill – a win-win situation for everyone. 

5- Upgrading Switches Is Easy

With a low voltage distribution system, changing your electric switches and boards gets easier. You can change your retro switches with brand new parts, including transformers, cover plates, and switches without worrying about shocks or anything. Since you have a master control panel, you can turn them off while changing the appliances. 

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A low-voltage distribution system is a must to ensure safe and economical electricity throughout the home and business. It also increases the lifespan of electrical appliances while reducing your electric bill.

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