Comprehensive guide on proper workout Comprehensive guide on proper workout

You’ve decided that it’s finally time to get your body moving. Good for you! Doing regular exercise is the best thing that you can do to maintain a healthy body. But you don’t know how you can get started. The long list of exercise equipment daunts you. Don’t fret. We got your back on this!

Your exercise options are endless, from walking and running to biking–choices everywhere! What is important is you know and enjoy what you are doing. You can achieve this if you work on a workout plan that caters to your body’s capabilities and needs. Check out this comprehensive guide so you can start doing a proper workout. Let’s get moving!

Starting A Fitness Program

There are few things that you need to consider first when starting an exercise routine for yourself. How to condition your mind, what equipment to use, and supplements that you should take pre-workout are a few concerns you have to keep in mind. 

  • Assess Your Health

Suppose you have lived a sedentary lifestyle and are not used to doing any strenuous physical activities. In that case, you may want to have an appointment with your doctor before starting a fitness program. A full-body check-up early on in the process can help detect any existing health problems. 

Assessing your body first can give you an idea of what to prepare before engaging in an active lifestyle. You might not know it, but your body might probably need to take a pre-workout supplement to sustain a full exercise routine. Here at barbend.com, you can browse through a wide variety of pre-workout supplement choices.

  • Create A Plan And Set Attainable Fitness Goals

Once you decide on committing to a more active lifestyle, it is best to create a plan that consists of attainable fitness strategies and goals. You may start with a program that has steps that are easy for you to follow regularly. You may then continue building a more extensive exercise program once your fitness level improves.  

  • Make Exercising A Habit

You need to have discipline if you want to see results in your fitness journey. Make sure to always stick to your planned exercise routine. You can achieve this by making a workout schedule after work or before retreating to bed. 

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Designing A Personal Fitness Program

It is easy to stick to exercising daily in the first week of your fitness journey. But if you have no concrete workout plan to follow, it will be hard for you to maintain a motivation to move. Read through the following points as you design a personal fitness program:

  • Decide On Your Fitness Goal

Having a clear fitness goal is important for measuring your progress and staying motivated throughout your fitness journey. Do you want to lose weight? Or build muscles? Are you preparing for a marathon? Make sure that you are certain of what goals you want to achieve in the process.

  • Start Small And Progress Slow 

A fitness journey is not a race on who’s the fastest to see progress. If you have been living a sedentary life until now, you might want to cautiously start on your exercise routine. You might be seeing slow progress on your part, but it is OK. What is important is that you exercise regularly, you’ll see outstanding results soon enough.

  • Incorporate Different Activities On Your Exercise Routine

Exercising can become boring to you. And this might make you lose motivation to work out. You can plan on watching your favorite television show as you walk on a treadmill or include dancing to your favorite music and songs in your exercise routine. Do everything you can do to make exercising more fun and exciting.

  • Try Out High-Intensity Interval Training

If exercising has been in your schedule for quite some time now, you might want to try out this exercise routine. In high-intensity interval training, you complete a series of short high-intensity activities followed by a recovery period of low-intensity activities. 

  • Allot A Time For Recovery

If you are still a beginner, you may want to immediately work out intensely and only give up once your muscles and joints become sore. This workout zeal is not advisable as it would strain your body. It is best to plan a recovery time in between workouts so as not to shock your body.

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One-Week Sample Workout Schedule 

Below is a sample workout schedule that can give you a basic idea of what a fitness program looks like. You may adjust this exercise routine depending on your fitness levels and goals. Let’s read on: 

  • Monday: 10-30 minute Cardio
  • Tuesday: Core Training and Total Body Strength Workout
  • Wednesday: Rest day or gentle yoga routine
  • Thursday: 10-30 minute Cardio
  • Friday: Core Training and Total Body Strength Workout
  • Saturday: Optional Cardio or gentle yoga routine
  • Sunday: Rest day

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Starting an exercise routine can be challenging. But keeping a clear fitness objective can help maintain your progress. And remember, never forget to eat a healthy diet and keep yourself hydrated. Always keep your eye on the goal. You’ll get there soon.

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