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As a parent, you always want the best education for your kids. You want them to go to good schools and get quality education. In fact, schools are one of the things parents consider when they plan to move to a new location. 

Schools can be divided into two categories, public and private, depending on their funding. The government funds public schools while private schools receive their funding from private entities. Different types of schools vary in their dynamics, environment, and even their curriculum.

If you’re looking for the best schools for your kids, here are some of the best options available for you.

Traditional Public Types of Schools

Traditional public school is a type of school run by local, federal, and state funds. The funding proportions and sources vary according to the state you reside in.

Traditional public schools have to abide by specific standards to get funding. Their residential state mandates teachers to have a practicing license to work in public schools. In public schools, students can attend schools based on their residential location and are not required to pay for tuition.

Public schools must follow curriculum rules, governance, and policy. The state and local governments that manage the public schools come up with the rules.

Public Online School

Still in public schools, you can also come across the virtual school. This is where students learn from home using computerized devices. Virtual options enable students from public schools to learn when they’re not in the brick and mortar building.

With a stable internet connection, you can travel anywhere and anytime while learning. In virtual public schools, both parents and students have full independence. They have the freedom to schedule, customize, and choose their learning methods. 

Charter Schools

Charter schools are also public schools sometimes guided by local and state regulations. They allow parents, educational entrepreneurs, and community leaders to help students with education. They boast of sponsorship from the state and designated local organizations. 

The organizations also follow the schools keenly to know about the quality of education. They also check on their fiscal practices before funding the schools. Charter school teachers and administrators have more authority in making decisions.

Magnet School

Government also funds magnet schools, and that’s why they’re under the public schools category. They attract students with a particular area of interest; that’s why they’re called magnet schools. Magnet schools have a specialized curriculum and focus on one area.

This enables their students to enroll in a particular field that they’re interested in. They can specialize in areas such as science, technology, and arts.

Magnet schools are highly competitive and selective. They admit students according to their achievement, and that’s why they’re called talented and gifted schools. They’re among the best schools that you can enroll your kid in.

Their curriculum is very clear and transparent. Applying for magnet schools isn’t as simple as applying for charter schools. This is because they promote a higher level of cognitive and social learning.

Traditional Private School

If you don’t like public schools, there are also many private schools available. These private schools are not funded by the government, meaning that they’ve to charge you some fees to attend.

With the separation from the government, these kinds of schools have the freedom of not following a mandated curriculum. A private school may also be categorized as independent if it doesn’t have any other special designation. Many private schools are run by entrepreneurs who are looking for profits.

Some private schools are run as non-profit by religious organizations and private foundations. In most private schools, students are the main financiers when it comes to funding school activities. Parents have to pay tuition fees to their children before they attend.

Boarding Types of Schools

Boarding school offers their students both food and lodging. However, you can find much more than food and accommodation. In boarding school, students are required to live within the school compound for the entire school year.

Boarding schools act as a community for artists, scholars, and athletes. They turn them into thriving communities because students must live on the campus. The boarding school curriculum includes numerous co-curricular activities that help develop good relationships among students. 

Faculty members, staff, and their families live within the school environment. They coach and guide students in their education and other aspects of life.

Special Education Schools

Do you have children with special needs at home who aren’t going to school? Well, children with special needs must also know the importance of education. And that’s why there are special education schools.

The special schools take care of children with various special needs. These students have mental, physical, and communicative problems. 

These special schools provide students with intensive care and training that they require. They have all the necessary equipment for entertaining such students.

Their staff comprises administration, teachers, nurses, highly informed academic advisors, and counselors. These special private schools act as a lifesaver for such students as they get acceptance and excellent care.

Language Immersion Schools

With language diversification, it’s best to learn some foreign languages. You might secure a good deal from a foreign country and you don’t want to deal with a language barrier. Language immersion schools ensure that you or your kids are fluent in a foreign language.

Their teachers are bilingual and fluent in all the languages that they teach. Immersion schools come in three categories. They include total immersion, partial immersion, and two-way immersion.

In total immersion, students learn all the subjects in a foreign language in lower grades. In higher grades, they’re instructed in English. 

In partial immersion, about half of the subjects are in a foreign language. Two-way immersion emphasizes both the use of English and foreign language at equal.

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Find the Right School for Your Kids

There are many types of schools that you can enroll your student that fits their needs. You don’t have to concentrate only on public and private school. The school you choose can depend on your preference, pocket-size, and your child’s needs.

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