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The average cost to tow a car is $107, but the price can vary based on how far your vehicle needs to travel for service.

Car ownership can be expensive, but you don’t need to add in the cost for a tow if only something simple is wrong with your vehicle. This is where roadside assistance comes in handy. For a small fee, or no cost if it’s included in your insurance, you can have access to roadside service and avoid tow charges — keeping money in your pocket and your car on the road.

Keep reading to learn the most common reasons you may need to call for roadside service.

1. No Gas

People run out of gas for many reasons. Maybe you simply weren’t paying attention to your gas gauge or maybe it malfunctioned and didn’t alert you when you ran low.

Regardless of the reason, roadside service will help save you from a bind. There’s no need to walk to the nearest gas station or accept help from a stranger.

Simply call for assistance and let them know where you ran out of gas at. They’ll show up soon with enough gas to get you to the nearest gas station.

2. Flat Tire

Flat tires happen all the time. Even the newest or most expensive tires can be destroyed by running over debris in the roadway. Instead of attempting to change the tire yourself or driving on your rim, pull over and call for roadside assistance.

When you have a flat tire, roadside assistance can come to help you put on your spare tire. Or if you’re caught without a spare, simply Google “mobile tire service near me” and they can provide a new tire.

3. Dead Battery

Another common reason to pay for roadside assistance is for help with a dead battery. Dead batteries can occur at any time, such as after you leave your headlights on or if your vehicle’s alternator fails.

If you have jumper cables in your car, you could ask a good samaritan to help you out. But, what happens if there is no one nearby or you are left stranded in a place you feel uncomfortable? These are the perfect times to call for roadside assistance.

As soon as someone is available, they will drive to your location and charge your dead battery. They can also test the battery to see if there is an issue with your vehicle that you need to get fixed.

Don’t Hesitate to Call for Roadside Service

If you pay for roadside service or get it for free through your insurance, you should be taking full advantage of it.

Regardless of whether you need gas, get a flat tire, or have a dead battery — roadside assistance can help. They may be able to help get your car back up and running right where you are at. Or, worst-case scenario, they can give you a tow if more serious car repair is needed.

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