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Northshore Clinical Labs (NCL) is a community lab that provides testing services to the diverse populations within Illinois and surrounding communities. NCL is a full-service laboratory. In addition to offering Covid-19 testing, NCL provides testing services for infants, children, adults, and seniors to provide comprehensive care for everyone.

They have continuously provided quality patient care and accurate results, even though these trying times when others could not do so. They also strived for customer satisfaction during this time as well.

Meeting a High Demand

Northshore Clinical Laboratories (NCL) has prioritized offering expanded testing for infants, children, and adults in response to the demand for expanded testing. In addition to traditional throat swabbing, NCL is now offering new COVID-19 testing options for children and infants with a nasopharyngeal swab, which the FDA recently approved.

NSC’s efforts during the pandemic are allowing people better access to testing. While other labs have taken up to 21 days to return results, Northshore completes turnaround times within the same day. The pandemic has resulted in many unanswered questions, but with the widespread availability of testing, people can become aware if they have been exposed.

There have been some delays because of the increased volume of NSC processed samples, but NSC’s same-day tests instead of 7 days or longer for other labs. The availability of rapid testing would allow individuals and families to take appropriate action if exposed to the virus.

And with the coronavirus pandemic raging on, they’re excited to announce that they will be expanding their operations to provide COVID-19 testing and results to even more people who need it.

Covering More Ground

Northshore Clinical Labs (NCL) is a community lab that provides testing for infants, children, and adults for COVID-19. NCL also provides patients with diagnostic testing that includes allergy and autoimmune disorders, cancer screening, cardiovascular disease, endocrinology and diabetes, infectious disease and HIV care, genetic testing, etc.

NCL offers testing in schools, nursing homes, and summer schools for staff members and students. Northshore Clinical Labs has tested over 5,000 kids in charter schools during the pandemic.

NCL’s testing center can process up to 20,000 tests per day and return results within 24 hours. The new facility includes three separate labs dedicated to COVID-19 testing — two molecular labs and one serology lab. The laboratory features complex technology allowing workers to quickly process large volumes of samples in a short period and get results back to patients.

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Going the extra mile

NCL has been present to supply and process thousands of Covid tests since the pandemic. During the pandemic, the company has been an essential part of the community, ensuring its customers receive quick and safe testing. NCL is doing everything it can to keep communities safe from Covid and ensure everyone feels comfortable returning to work when the time comes.

They have grown so fast because they can give out tests at community centers in areas with high rates of positive cases and low testing rates. They also provide rapid testing at community centers close to most people.

Northshore has helped make the community safer by making testing more available than before the pandemic.

Capacity building

The pandemic is still very much a threat, which means it’s more important than ever for NCL to continue providing quality testing. They are known for their accurate and trusted results, which is crucial when it comes to public health. They want to continue this legacy of excellence, so they have hired more employees to produce more tests for the community.

In addition, NCL has also partnered with other companies to provide more testing supplies. They want everyone in the community to feel safe and healthy.

New Improvements

Northshore Clinical Labs (NCL) has always been dedicated to improving and maintaining the health of the communities we serve. And through the COVID-19 pandemic, NCL has been working hard to ensure that our community is safe and healthy.

Our medical technologists have been performing tests for COVID-19 and taking precautions to avoid being exposed to COVID-19. NCL is committed to ensuring that you can get tested even during a pandemic.

Community safety

Northshore Clinical Lab has made great efforts to keep communities safe during the pandemic by offering testing on-site in the communities that need it.

NCL specializes in clinical laboratory services that include full-service laboratory testing, toxicology, and pharmacogenetics.

Despite being thrown into the deep end with COVID-19 testing, NCL was up for the challenge and ensured future preparation by hiring more lab employees and partnering with companies to provide testing and results faster than ever before.

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Tests and showers

Northshore Clinical Labs (NCL) partnered with ShowerUp, a non-profit organization that provides COVID-19 testing for homeless people. The company specializes in offering free COVID-19 testing in schools, nursing homes, summer schools, and other places considered high risk for the disease spread.

As an Illinois community lab, its services help to reduce the spread of the virus among vulnerable populations in Chicagoland. NCL is proud of its role in providing healthcare services to people who need them most.

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