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Are you a parent and wondering whether your child is gifted? Most parents are proud of their children at any age, but some kids are faster learners with a higher IQ level than the rest of their peers.

In the United States, there are more than 3.2 million gifted kids despite various definitions of what makes someone truly ‘gifted’ when compared to others. Read on to learn seven characteristics of a gifted child!

1. Quick Learner

One of the tell-tale signs of a gifted child is that he or she is a fast learner. Whether performing a small or large task, your child may not be rattled by what they face.

When a child maintains their composure as they are learning and understands things quicker than others, it’s a good sign that they are advanced for their age.

2. Intellectual Curiosity

A kid that possesses intellectual curiosity is often one that is an academically gifted child. When you present a new topic or situation for your child, how do they react? Do they seem genuinely interested in what’s being discussed? Do they ask questions that impress you?

If your child is asking thought-provoking questions, it’s a great indicator that they’re gifted. You may decide to have your child take a selective test to get a better sense of their gifted status.

3. Wide Vocabulary

Do you find that your child uses words you don’t remember teaching them? While your child may pick up new words based on their schooling or be around other kids, there are other words they won’t have exposure to.

If your child seems to be using words or phrases that show a higher level of intelligence, it’s a good sign that they’re a gifted kid!

4. Puzzle Solver

In today’s digital age, it may be tempting to hand your child an iPad or iPhone when they are acting up or having a hard time paying attention. Instead of handing off your electronic device, try giving your kid a puzzle to solve.

If he or she finishes the puzzle with little need for assistance, they may be gifted. It can be an even better indicator if they complete puzzles that are designed for kids that are older than your child is at the time.

5. Passion for Reading

A passion for reading is a good sign that you’ve got a smart child that’s gifted. Did you know that reading only 20 minutes each day means your kid will get exposure to 1.8 million words each year?

Reading a book is also a great way for your child to disconnect from electronics and maintain focus for a longer period of time.

6. Logical Reasoning Skills

Your child may have logical reasoning skills that are far advanced when compared to his or her peers. ‘Logical reasoning’ is a term used to describe a type of thinking where you use context clues and logic to reach a conclusion.

While this is a popular way of thinking for attorneys and doctors, your child may show signs of having this skill at a young age.

7. Longer Attention Spans

Did you know that the average American’s attention span is down to just eight seconds – one less than a goldfish? The digital world we live in can prevent kids and adults alike from staying focused on a given task.

The longer your child spends paying attention, the deeper in thought they will become while performing a task or assignment. This can also be a great example of why your child is gifted.

Identify a Gifted Child Early

When you identify a gifted child earlier on in their life, it can help you change the way you parent to maximize their potential. Some of the ways you may choose to change your approach include enrolling them in gifted education programs and advanced skills courses.

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