Know about the cataract surgery recovery time Know about the cataract surgery recovery time

Did you know cataracts affect over 24.4 million Americans who are aged 40 and over? If you want to learn about the recovery process with cataract surgery, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what to expect after cataract surgery. You’ll learn more about the cataract surgery recovery time.

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How Do You Prepare for the Cataract Surgery?

Before surgery, you might have to fast for a couple of hours beforehand. Your provider might ask you to stop taking specific medications for a couple of days.

Cataract surgery’s an outpatient procedure, so you will get to go home afterward. Make sure you have someone go with you so they can drive you back.

What Will Happen During the Surgery?

Your provider will numb your eyes with a few drops, or they will use an injection. Some people will take medication to relax.

During the procedure, you might be awake and see movement and light. Yet, you won’t see what the doctor does to your eye, and the process won’t hurt.

Your provider will use a unique microscope to look at your eye and make tiny incisions to reach your lens.

Then, the provider will use ultrasound waves to break up the lens and remove it before replacing it with a new lens.

You won’t need stitches afterward. The incisions will close up by themselves. Your doctor will put an eye patch over your eye to help it heal.

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After Cataract Surgery

A lot of people can go home 30 minutes after the procedure. In one day, you could remove the eye shield. Most people will wear an eye patch at night. You’ll have to use eye drops for a couple of weeks after.

It will take a few weeks or days for your vision to clear. Temporary side effects include watery eyes, blurred vision, bloodshot eyes, or double vision.

What’s Recovery Like?

It could take eight weeks for you to recover from cataract surgery. A lot of people will notice their vision improves faster.

There should be little discomfort during this time.

Over the following weeks, your doctor will instruct you to use eyedrops. Make sure you use your eye shield, eyeglasses, and patch.

Continue to watch television, use your electronics, and read as you normally would. When going outside, wear sunglasses. Resume your daily routine and activities.

Things you should avoid doing include pressing or rubbing your eye. Don’t get soap or water in your eyes. Avoid strenuous activities and don’t go swimming for a couple of weeks.

You shouldn’t use makeup for a while and get permission from your doctor before flying.

Wait until your eye heals before going to get new glasses. Most people will need a new prescription after cataract surgery.

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Everything You Should Know About the Cataract Surgery Recovery Time

We hope this guide on cataract surgery was helpful. Everything you should know about the cataract surgery recovery time is in this guide.

Make sure you use your eye drops, avoid strenuous activities, and wear makeup right away. Wear sunglasses when you go outside.

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