Must buy car accessories for first time drivers Must buy car accessories for first time drivers

Learning to drive is a mark of responsibility. The feel of steering your own wheels is like getting a grip on your whole life. You are the driver, the pace is yours, and you decide what happens in the driveway. There are only two results – you either make it or break it.

Why Have Car Accessories?

It can get sentimental when you first start hitting the road. For first-time drivers, it is both an anxious and ecstatic experience. Beyond the excitement of speed, everyone would agree that the responsibility is scary. You can’t afford to mess up the flow and bother other drivers. There are rules, both spoken and unspoken—lots of things you need to know and do. The road never ends.

You need to be equipped.

And what best way to do it? Of course, it is getting your hands on the good stuff. I’m talking about authentic must-have car accessories that you should plug in your ride as a first-time driver. These items are essential in ensuring not just your safety but also your efficiency as a rider.

Here are the must-buy car accessories for first-time drivers – to ride it safely and drive it right!

Must-Buy Car Accessories for First-Time Drivers

1. Dashboard Camera

Ever seen those videos on the internet where crazy pedestrians fake accidents just to make you cough up money? Well, most of them were caught red-handed by dashboard cameras, aka dashcams. I’m not saying that you’ll absolutely get conned by this ridiculous insurance ploy. I’m expressing that it’s an excellent assurance to get yourself one in case you need it.

Moreover, this device serves as good evidence in case you get involved in unfortunate traffic accidents. The camera feed doesn’t lie. Even the police use them. Why shouldn’t you?

2. Portable Jump Starter

One of the worst things that could happen while you’re on the road is getting stuck on it. Yes, your battery dying randomly on a dark, secluded driveway is nightmare-inducing. Even horror movies are based on this plot. How do to avoid that trip to Elm Street? Get a jump starter, seriously.

With Jump Starters, you can boost your car to start the engine, just like its name –Jump Start. We suggest getting yours equipped with a flashlight, air compressor, LCD screen, and an optional USB port for multiple uses.

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3. Air Purifier

This one is less on safety and more on sanitation. You never know what kind of odor you’ll get from binge eating on Taco Tuesday. More so on late-night romantic drives in the car. Yes, keep the air clean people. No passenger likes it when your car stinks.

The accessory is also suitable for those whose nose gets easily irritated by pollutants. If clean, breathable air is your thing –definitely get this.

4. Tool Kit and Lift

We are not asking you to be a mechanic straightway. However, you at least need to have tools that will help you in the long run. Learn simple repairs from switching tires to changing oils. When you do, you’ll understand how much time and money you’ll save if you got the right tool kit and lift.

The many tools inside your kit might be overwhelming at first, but soon you’ll get around the varying shape and sizes. For the lift, we suggest grabbing the hydraulic ones. Albeit costly, they are safer and more efficient for starters.

5. Blind Spot Mirrors 

Different vehicles have different blind spots. Usually, the bigger your ride, the more blind spots it will have. Don’t get me wrong; even Cadillacs have blind spots. However, my point is that these areas are dangerous when overlooked.

First-time drivers still need adequate time to adjust to these spots. So before it happens, eliminate the risks by attaching blind spot mirrors. Just remember –they appear closer than you think!

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6. Phone Mount and USB Car Charger

Your phone has many uses. From managing calls to navigating via GPS, the smart device is versatile and reliable in the modern age. It needs to be always available and close, but not too much that it causes distractions while driving.

That is why you need a phone mount. It deserves a place in your car, not wasted in your pockets. Keeping them charged is, of course, a no-brainer too. Everybody needs that hook.

Wrapping up

That’s it. You are now ready to take on the road, newbie. Remember to drive safely!

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