6 Business Website Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You’ve published your website and set up some PPC ads. And you post articles on your blog every week to attract search traffic. So, then, why is your website still failing?

Most likely, it’s because of some common business website design mistakes you’re making. For instance, the design may not match your brand well enough. Or the design is inconsistent and, thus, confusing to customers.

Perhaps your pages are too cluttered or they load too slowly. Maybe the content isn’t relevant or the website is not responsive.

Whatever the problem is, we’re going to help you get to the bottom of it. Below is a guide that will help you prevent these common mistakes when designing website pages. Read on to learn more.

1. Non-Responsive Design

Today, the number-one element every website needs to have is responsiveness. This is a mandatory requirement in order to rank on search engines.

The reason why is that a non-responsive design is very inconvenient for your mobile visitors. And, according to recent statistics, almost half of all internet traffic is from mobile devices. So, if your site still isn’t responsive, it’s imperative that you fix that immediately.

2. Cluttered Design

Perhaps your site appears disorganized and chaotic to your visitors. Often, those who design their own websites get overzealous with all the website features they want visitors to know about. As a result, the pages are cluttered with way too many elements.

Visitors can’t tell what they’re looking at or find what they’re looking for. Plus, cluttered pages are just plain ugly. So, visitors give up and go to a different site.

To fix this, it helps to “test drive” your own website to experience it from the visitor’s point of view. Also, professional agencies like this web design company can help you simplify your site to maximize its usability.

3. Slow Page Loading

Clutter can also cause slow page loading. For example, putting too many video links on a single page greatly increases its loading time.

Superfluous background tasks and extravagant menu animations slow the page loading as well. Besides being frustrating to visitors, this will hurt your search rank.

4. Poor Branding

Maybe visitors are confused because the website design doesn’t seem to match your brand. Essentially, browsing your website should look and feel the same as visiting a physical version of your business. For example, the web pages at Walmart.com match the look of the aisles inside a brick-and-mortar Walmart store.

Perhaps, though, your business doesn’t have any physical locations. Still, it should still look and feel like your own, personal brand.

5. Lack of Consistency

Likewise, the design of your site must be consistent across all pages. It’s very confusing for site visitors when one section of your site looks completely different from another.

6. Disappointing Content

Lastly, don’t post valueless content. Every piece of content you publish should be helpful, grammatically correct, and focused on a single point. Disappointing content that wastes the visitor’s time will literally repel people from your website.


Avoid These Business Website Design Mistakes

Don’t let these business website design mistakes stifle the performance of your site. Keep this guide bookmarked so you don’t forget these important points. And always apply these tips when designing business websites.

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