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Traveling for business sounds so glamorous and exciting. Until, that is, business travel becomes an integral part of your job.

As anyone who often travels for work knows, regular business trips mean a whole lot of jet lag, waiting around, and living from a suitcase. And that’s before you add missed flights, late connections, and lost luggage into the mix.

But, while these issues are out of your hands, following business travel tips can help you regain some control over your future corporate trips.

Want to know how to make business travel more pleasurable? Keep reading to find out!

1. Limit Your Luggage

One of the top business traveling tips is to only ever use carry-on luggage. Checking in a heavy suitcase makes both the departures and arrivals processes much more time-consuming, and often more expensive. Having to lug a suitcase through a foreign city is hardly ideal either, and that’s if your luggage even arrives at your destination when you do.

The beauty of a carry-on case is that it never leaves your side. This means you can glide right past the check-in desk and up to your gate without any unnecessary hold-ups or lines. And, in the event of a luggage mix-up or delay, you’ll be in a taxi on your way out of the airport with your case in hand long before your fellow passengers see their check-in cases again.

2. Invest in Quality Travel Accessories

Since you’ll only need one suitcase, it’s worth investing in one that’s sturdy, easy to pack, and easy to maneuver. Business travel pros also know the value of a quality travel wallet for keeping your passport, visas, cards, and other documents safe. And, a small digital scale will ensure your suitcase doesn’t exceed the airline’s weight limit.

3. Keep Essentials Packed

For anyone who’s often living out of a suitcase, one of the top travel tips is to keep your travel essentials packed between trips. Having items such as mini toiletries, chargers, and business supplies packed and ready to go can save you a lot of time when it’s time to head off again.

4. Pack With More Than Business in Mind

As anyone who’s learned how to travel for business will know, it’s important to pack for your entire stay rather than just for the business meetings and corporate dinners.

Obviously, you’ll need business-appropriate clothing in your suitcase, but be sure to pack some less formal clothes too. After all, you want to feel comfortable while you’re exploring the area, going out for a casual dinner, and relaxing in your room. And, if you want to take advantage of the hotel gym and pool, be sure to pack activewear and a bathing suit.

And, if you don’t have the luxury of customized corporate lodging, make sure to pack items to ensure your stay is a comfortable one. An eye mask, your favorite sleep-inducing pillow spray, and a cozy pair of socks won’t take up much suitcase space but could make all the difference to how well you sleep while you’re on the road.

5. Anticipate Travel Rules

Immigration and security laws can be extra infuriating if you’re always traveling for business. But, failing to anticipate these rules will only make your life more difficult, and might even leave you unable to travel. As such, one of the most useful travel tips is to do your research and double-check the rules before you book.

If you’re heading to an international destination, your current passport will need to be valid for at least another six months. You might also need a visa or other form of travel authorization. And, since you’ll be traveling for business, your visa needs to reflect that.

You should also pack your suitcase with security protocols in mind. This means not packing anything that’s prohibited either on the plane or at your destination, as well as making sure anything you might need to remove, such as electronics and liquids, are easily accessible.

6. Charge Your Devices Before You Fly

Electronic devices such as your smartphone, tablet, and laptop are essentials for business travel. Whether you want to use them for work or watching movies, ensuring that these devices are all fully charged before you fly will keep you entertained in the airport and on your flight.

7. Carry Paper Copies of Everything

Having a fully-charged cell is also important if you’ve checked in online and downloaded your boarding pass to your phone.

But, even if you do have digital copies of your itinerary, hotel confirmation, or flight information, it’s a good idea to have paper copies of everything too. This way, should you lose or damage your phone or run out of battery, you’ll still be able to catch your flight and get to your destination.

8. Always Book Non-Stop Flights

A two-hour layover might not sound terrible. But a mid-trip stop can mean waking up extra early or spending more time than necessary on the road. Worse still, when you’re at the mercy of connecting flights with a short layover, it’s all too easy to miss your connection due to a late take-off.

But, before you think booking a direct flight is the way to go, think again. While direct flights mean you travel in the same plane, you may still touch down. In contrast, non-stop flights do not stop, ever, for anything. And, as any seasoned business traveler will tell you, that is a very important distinction.

Follow These Business Travel Tips

Movies would have us believe that business travel is all about charging room service cocktails to your corporate account and seeing the world for free. In reality, it can be lonely, tiring, and far from glamorous.

But, by following these business travel tips, at least your next corporate trip will be a lot less stressful and a lot more streamlined. You never know, you might even have some time to enjoy yourself while you’re out on the road!

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