The Brief and Only Email Segmentation Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Did you know that there are estimated to be more than 4 billion users of email spread around the globe? That’s more users, and there are for almost any other form of communication. 

Some people underestimate the power of email in advertising, marketing, and general business. Many people are familiar with how spam emails get ignored. On the other hand, experts know that done right, emails have an incredible open rate.

Email segmentation is one of the best tools to make sure that your emails have the maximum impact. So how can you make the most of this tool?

Read on to learn all about email segmentation and how you can apply a segmentation checklist to your emails!

1. Target Any New Subscribers 

Your new subscribers are always a priority. The first item on our email segmentation checklist is to make sure that you create a customized message for new subscribers. 

In most cases, a simple welcome email will be a far more effective way to reach out to a new subscriber than them receiving a random piece of content that you have sent out to everybody.

New subscribers may not be fully sold on the value of your emails yet. Therefore, you might want to make sure that your welcome email is as enticing as possible. Consider including exciting deals or special offers.

2. Adjust According to People’s Preferences 

There are a thousand ways to adjust emails according to customer demographics and behavior. However, a few simple adjustments are the most important ones.

Probably the most important way to segment your emails is by the preferences of your recipients. Allow your recipients to tell you how often they want to receive emails and what kinds of emails they would like to receive.

This alone can help you hold on to subscribers more than almost anything else.

3. Take Into Account People’s Location 

Another one of the most important things to take into account with email segmentation is the location of your recipients. Make sure that location-specific messages only go out to the people who need to receive them. You may also want to consider time differences to make sure that everybody receives your emails during the day rather than in the middle of the night. 

4. Follow Up With People

As with new subscribers, people who have started a process but have not finished it are a priority. If someone has started a form, you sent them, follow up with them to invite them to finish it. After all, you already know that they are interested!

Of course, no matter how carefully your email marketing follows essential rules like “content is king” and the best practices in email segmentation, none of it will be successful content marketing unless your emails arrive in people’s inboxes.

It is essential that your killer content does not get marked as spam. Follow this link to check out a powerful email spam test that can help you be the best email marketer possible!

Enjoy All of the Benefits of Email Segmentation Done Right

We hope that you were able to find something helpful in this brief article on the right things to check for when doing email segmentation. This important practice can take your efforts and magnify them to many times their original effect. It is more than worth the time it takes to learn to do email segmentation properly.

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