Black friday sale and offers in dubai, uae Black friday sale and offers in dubai, uae

Black Friday marks the official beginning of the holiday season in the USA. The entire fuss about the Black Friday sale has originated from the USA itself because most companies that offer heavy discounts are based in the USA. Now, Black Friday is the day right after Thanksgiving, which means that the holiday season of Christmas and New Year is close by. People spend who-heartedly in this period, and companies don’t fail to capitalize on it.

On the flip side, the Black Friday sale is the American way of giving back to the loyal customer base. Therefore, you can make the most of it when the sale starts. Some brands offer insane discounts, which attracts a lot of unusual customers too. Now, the tricky part comes when we talk about Black Friday sales in Dubai’s context.

We know, as a matter of fact, that UAE is an Islamic country governed by Islamic traditions. Therefore, there is no faith or enthusiasm around Black Friday. However, UAE is also a popular tourist destination, so a lot of American brands offer this sale irrespective of the region or demography.

As far as consumers are concerned, who doesn’t love a good discount on luxury products? Therefore, people march in unison toward the stores to buy the products they have needed for a long time. If you live in Dubai, this is just the article for you because Black Friday is right around the corner. In this article, we will provide information on Black Friday sales and ongoing offers in Dubai.

3-day super sale in Dubai malls

As discussed earlier, Black Friday is neither celebrated nor acknowledged in Dubai for religious reasons. Therefore, brands and stores had to find a way to circumvent this hurdle. For this reason, companies started to market their Black Friday campaign under the name of a 3-day super sale event in malls.

This event coincides with UAE National Day, which provides a perfect cover. The event lasts for three days, and heavy discounts are offered on a lot of products. Up to 90% rebate can be availed on electronics, clothes, homeware, perfumes, etc. Therefore, if you want to kickstart your Christmas shopping campaign, this is the best place to be.

Black Friday shopping event

In this part of the article, we will cover some general trivia on Black Friday 2022 UAE, so you are informed and ready when the big day arrives. So, what is a Black Friday shopping event? Black Friday is the day immediately following Thanksgiving, which is the last holiday before Christmas.

This also means that much awaited holy month of December has begun. With the sound of jingle bells and hymns of Christmas carols as people get ready for the holiday season, so do the big brands and retailers with attractive discounts.

Statistically, America buys the most volume of products in the three-day Black Friday shopping event. Many people use this opportunity to get lucrative gifts for their loved ones. The phenomena were initially centered around American cities only. But due to globalization, popular trends reach the farthest corners of the world.

It is important to note that one of the biggest markets for American brands is also the Middle east because of the high living standards of the locals. Therefore, these brands tie up with the retailers to bring the ongoing discount trends to the locals of the Middle east too.

This is also a way to increase footfall in the stores and restore the consumer behavior of offline shopping, which has been in danger since the advent of e-commerce websites. However, experts predict that shopping trends will continue online, too, but physical stores will see a significant increase in footfall due to the Black Friday shopping event.

Best deals on Black Friday

The popular notion around heavy discounts is that the companies mark up their products accordingly, and the consumers end up paying the same amount. Moreover, a lot of consumers think that sales are a marketing gimmick to accelerate the movement of goods. But notions like these are not based on facts and research.

If you note the price of a product before the Black Friday sale and find the same product during the sale, you will notice a considerable delta. But heavy discounts don’t necessarily mean that you buy the product. Hence, you must be wary of two things before buying a product in the Black Friday sale.

First, you have to see the price differential, as discussed earlier. Second, what’s the quality you are getting when the cost has been compromised? Considering these two factors, the best deals on Black Friday sales are usually on popular electronic items such as laptops, phones, gaming consoles, etc.

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If you shop on a budget, Black Friday sales are the best way to buy more products within the same spending limit. This means that you get complete value for money. You can check the best Black Friday deals near you by visiting the websites of popular malls and keeping an eye on the Amazon website.

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