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Why It’s Better to Choose a Wedding Dress with a Friend, Than with Mom?

The big day is coming, and you still have not chosen the wedding gown. Okay, allow us to make things clear – you have to do the wedding shopping as soon as possible, and better even now. Can you imagine how many dresses you are going to try before you pick the one? Decided – you are going to visit the dress shops tomorrow, and you need a company. Who should you take: the family member or a friend? If it is going to be the family member, then who? The mom? This article is going to dwell on why it is better to choose a wedding dress with a friend than with mother.

Mom Is Old-Fashioned

TrendingUs- Wedding Dress

No matter how young and progressive your mother is, there is no chance she has the taste of the 20+-year-old. Do you want the old-fashioned dress? No, nobody does. If you wish to buy wedding dress that is going to look cool on you, you need to take a mate with you. The age gap is inevitable, and your mother will recommend you the dresses that remind her of her youth, the ones that were fashionable 20 years ago. If you are taking your close friend instead, s/he will advise you to take something that you will not hate at least. Being close friends of the same age, you have pretty much the same tastes, and you reflect in the same direction. That is why if you wish to buy a modern gown, take your friend with you.

Mom Will Put a Pressure on You

The fact that she is going to bear hard on you is guaranteed. She is your mother, and she has a right to. She has an authority to recommend you the dress, and you do not have the authority to refuse it: neither the recommendation nor the gown. Being a part of your family, the person feels you are obliged to her. Yes, her opinion matters, but it is not as important as yours. If you choose your mother to buy a dress for you, you will end up buying a gown that you do not completely like. The respect and love to your mother, pressure in university and close dates of the main event of your life will make you surrender to your mom’s choice. In order to avoid that, you can find help with your university assignments at and forget about the academic troubles! Ask your fiancé to support your choice of the dress in front of mom and try to relax for the next couple of days.


Mom Will Hurry You Up

TrendingUs- Wedding Dress

Because your mother takes a huge part in the wedding, and she has many things to do, she will want to choose the one among the bridal dresses as fast as possible. The wedding is a labor consuming procedure that consists of the numerous parts, and choosing the wedding gown is only one of them. Your mom is interested in you visiting a couple of shops and buying the dress that looks okay and keeping on organizing the rest of the wedding. However, if you take a friend, it is going to be one of the biggest events in his/her life that is why s/he would be happy to spend as much time for choosing the gown as needed. Your mate would be happy to visit all the possible wedding shops so that even you might get tired faster than s/he does.

Mom Will Make You Compromise

Yes, you would have to compromise with a friend as well, but the friend would not be offended as much as your mom would if you choose another gown. The close relationships that you have with your mom may become a reason for the conflict over the gown. You either avoid it and buy the gown that you are not a fan of, or you end up quarreling with your mom. This situation will not happen with a friend because s/he understands his/her mission – to help you and not to make you choose what s/he likes most. It is hard to even imagine the situation when a mate gets offended that you chose another gown. Your friend will be much more loyal and understanding to you comparing with the mom.

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