4 Best Smart Rings That Will Keep Your Health In Check

Not a big fan of watches but looking for smart technology that has all the perks of a watch but is less invasive?

If you love technology and are looking for a low-key, smart device connected to your phone, look no further than a smart ring.

Below are 4 of the best rings out there that will keep you connected to your phone but protected from its many distractions while keeping track of your health.

The Blinq Ring

You may be wondering if there are any stylish and colorful smart rings out there. If that’s you, then the Blinq ring may be just what you need.

Equipped with contact alerts from your loved ones, a panic button, fitness tracker and water resistance, the ring works with hundreds of apps to keep you fully notified.

What we love about this ring, in addition to its pretty shape, is the panic button. This feature allows you to send a text message with your location to a contact selected in advance.

As if that’s not enough, the ring is waterproof and takes less than an hour to charge giving you more than two days-worth of operating power.

Blinq is the first fine jewelry smart ring out there so you may want to get ahead of the trend and get yours now.

Oura Ring

If you know anything about sleep, you’ll know that your health and performance depend on getting enough of it. Sleep monitoring is a sure way to improve your quality of sleep by accurately tracking your sleep patterns and ensuring that you perform at your best every day.

The Oura Ring provides detailed intel that will help you understand your body better and make the necessary adjustments. Metrics included in the daily report are your sleep score, activity score, and readiness. The ring is compatible with devices that run on iOS 11.0 or Android 6.0 or later and it comes in 4 variations namely silver, black, stealth and a premium model, diamond.

Jakcom R3 Ring

One 5-star reviewer says “If you know the tech, this is amazing. If you aren’t a techie, you will be disappointed and think this Ring is a scam.” The review goes on to describe how he managed to copy his work ID card data onto his ring and now, to his boss’ shock, he just presses his hand against the door, and voila, he’s inside!

Equipped with IC / ID / NFC Card Reading technology, this simple looking ring is truly smart. Its NFC technology allows it to transfer data which is what the reviewer above managed to do. It needs no charging, and it boasts of being waterproof, making it easy to wear under every scenario.

The ring does claim to have health benefits driven germanium and tungsten which some say helps to keep stress levels down and to improve overall body strength.

This ring is optimal for an Android or Windows phone as the NFC functionality is limited on an iPhone.

Motiv Ring

Touted as “the ring you’ll never want to take off,” the Motiv Ring stands out with its sleek and simple design. Made with a titanium shell, the ring promises to be more comfortable than its peers, and it measures fitness, sleep and heart rate. It boasts of a 3-day battery life which can be a real game-changer if it only needs to be charged twice a week. Charging can be done right from the comfort of your laptop’s USB port and will take up to 90 mins to complete.

A really cool feature that we love is that the ring has a titanium shell, making it able to weather any rough bumps along the way. It is also waterproof making it more relevant for many activities that may involve contact with water.

It is no secret that we’ve grown into a world that remains glued to our cellphones. However, as more and more people become aware of the constant distractions our phones present us, smart wearable technology with unique designs and personalization options will continue to grow into a more attractive alternative as it lets you keep track of your digital activity without the continued dependence on your phone.

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